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Mitragyna Speciosa

Mitragyna Speciosa is the biological name of Kratom that is a plant member of the coffee family. Mitragyna Speciosa of Bali and Thai origin is specifically popular for its quality. It is a tropic evergreen tree that is native to the region of South East Asia particularly the Indochina and has tropical nature.

In the ancient and traditional medicines alike, the plant has been widely used as either an ingredient or as a sole component due to its opioid like characteristics. The traditional medicine manufacturers in the older civilizations used the raw form of the plant without any doping for great effect and that mode of manufacturing is still upheld today so that the customers may be provided with 100% pure Kratom.

The use of this plant either in the form of crushed leaves or powder other than for medicinal purposes, has been deemed somewhat hazardous for health because it can cause the nausea and vomiting if taken in large quantities and without purpose. In some cases, it has also been advised against the use of Kratom in excessive amounts careless and also in combination with other items like Cocktails since it can become addicting. Aside from this fact the patients suffering from various different kinds of chronic pains find Kratom a very effective and useful medicine for their pain treatment.

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The effect of this medicine start within the first 10 minutes of consumption and the effect does not wear out for as long as 5 hours making it a very potent medicine. In order to identify the Kratom tree easily there are a few distinguishing features that differentiate the tree from others. The tree itself grows reasonably tall reaching the heights of 25 feet and the trunk is usually very strong and thick that can reach 3 feet in diameter. The leaves of this tree are quite large sized and dark green in color with a glossy outlook. The flowers of the plant grow in clusters of three at the very end of the branches.

The natives of the areas where it is abundantly found have been dating the existence of this plant to several centuries ago and claim that their ancestors have been using it to cure their pains and for their medicinal purposes since almost the same time.


While the customers of Eden Space can book their order online and get delivered the products at their doorstep, there are actually quite long distances from where the pure Kratom is actually harvested. The Kratom trees native to the people living in Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea make them responsible for the collection of the Kratom leaves almost exclusively. See our complete guide on Green Malaysian here.

This means that thus far there has been no such licensing for obtaining the Kratom leaves on corporation scale and hence collecting large quantities of it with the use of machines thus shipping them back to the countries where the finished goods and products are manufactured.

Most of the people living in these countries particularly near the forests where the Kratom trees are most commonly found a relatively poor and depend on the collecting of various sorts for their living. It is not uncommon for people to serve as the collectors and vendors for the local dealers who are provided with the leaves of various different sorts including the Kratom that they can then sell ahead.

Historically, there have been restrictions imposed in different times on the sale and purchase of Kratom in these regions given that several crimes reportedly emerged due to this trade. Due to the high demand of Kratom worldwide and weak government structures, cartels were made who would monopolize and manipulate the trade of Kratom making it an increasingly difficult herb to get. The governments in these countries particularly Myanmar and Thailand were not capable enough to defeat the cartels so they haphazardly banned the trade of Kratom.

This, however, had little effect on the situation of the region and it was found that better policy making was in fact required rather than imposing ban on a medicinal herb. However, by the legalization of the trade of Kratom leaves much has been accomplished as the power of the cartels has been reduced sufficiently that they do not find it attractive to sell Kratom produce in the first world market themselves that was once very lucrative given the high prices due to the bans.

It is worth mentioning here that the medical authorities that advocated a ban on the trade of Kratom due to its adverse social effects in the region from where it is harnessed also applauded the Kratom for being medically fit for use and beneficial. The customers of the Eden Space, however, can buy Kratom online by simply placing their order for the selected products and the products would be shipped to their doorstep in a matter of just a few hours.

The Eden Space promise of quality and consistency is upheld at all levels thus assuring the customers that they get quality products in a very decent time and for very affordable prices. There are several different kinds of Kratom too that can be visibly differentiated from each other like the white vein Kratom that is light brownish in color and the red vein Kratom that gives a red color. The Borneo Kratom in light green in color and while the green color may not be very prominent, more saturated amounts of Borneo appear quite green.

The popular Maeng Kratom, however, is the classical green colored herb that it is famous for and the Maeng is also considered to be amongst the most potent of all.

Uses of the Kratom:

There are numerous uses of Kratom from which only the most notable ones may be described in detail here. Traditionally, the leaves were dried up and then coffee would be made from it that was served it festivals and to the guests depicting a special occasion.

Though the taste of the coffee is not ideal, the soothing effect particularly back in those days when there were available 100% pure vegetation from the forest remains the only plausible reason for the use of Kratom as a local tea.

Eden Space tries to ensure that the products that reach their customers offer great value for money through effectiveness and lack of side effects. There are different specific uses too for all the different kinds of Kratom whether white vein or red vein.

Withdrawal from Drugs:

One of the main uses of the Kratom is that it can be used to withdraw a drug addict from using certain dangerous drugs as this one does not pose a direct threat to the life. The mechanism of how this works is rather simple. An addict who is either taking too much opium or any other harmful drug would find that his or her health is diminishing very quickly.

This is because these drugs affect the respiratory system disabling the person consuming it to breathe properly. Hence, the oxygen requirements remain unmet and the body starts to grow weak. In addition to that, nausea and vomiting remain most common conditions that the opium and related drugs can cause and hence a loss of appetite is a natural occurrence.

The addition of opium can be such well embedded that the addict person may find it extremely hard to relieve him or herself from its use and when there is an attempt to do so, the attempt almost always backlashes and the addict either grows very sick or mentally depressed if not provided with more of these drugs.

The Kratom can be of great use in this regard as it has been established as a great substitute of opium. The pills sold by Eden Space are made in such a way that they cannot be used for purely addiction purposes but only to supplement it.

This way the addicts get to continue the dose of the anti depressant drug while excluding the hazardous effects of the opium from their lives. It is also worth mentioning here that the Kratom is relatively lot easier to withdraw from once the body becomes used to it and is withdrawn from the other harmful drugs. Kratom has historically been used as a way to bring the acute addict individuals back to life as the drugs helps in a safe and painless withdrawal from what are much devastating drugs for human use.

The characteristics of Kratom make is a sizable anti depressant and a potent relaxant that can e used by the patients of depression too given that it has little side effects in contrast with the most other solutions available for this particular disorder.

Traditional Pain Killer:

The Kratom leaves have been historically used as a pain killer that can be chewed by the consumer and the most surprising fact about this ancient medicine is that it works faster and more potently than most modern day medicines.

The most advantageous thing about the pain killer was that it was natural and native to the locality and hence did not pose a threat to the local peoples’ health like many alien medicines naturally do. In the present day through the role of the Kratom is no longer that of a hard core pain killer, it serves as a great anti-depressant and a relaxant medicine that promises to work within minutes following its consumption. The most common use of Kratom has been for the treatment of musculoskeletal pains that occur either in the muscles of the patient or the bones.

The local people where this plant is indigenous believe that the medicine has also been historically used for the treatment of fever and although there is no identifiable way in which the medicine works for the cure of fever, it may be argued that perhaps the medicine is used for the suppression of the pains that arise following the incidence of fever. The chewable medicine is still used in the native areas as a popular chewing gum particularly amongst the elderly who believe that the Kratom has healing characteristics.

Eden Space ensures that the purity of the Kratom provided to the customers is maintained at optimal so that the effectiveness and the potency of this medicine may not get compromised. Eden Space values the stock of knowledge that the people native to this plant has accumulated over time.

Energy Provider:

The use of Kratom is also carried out as has been in the past as an energy source of artificial sort. This implies that the consumer feels a heightened energy level in his or her body following its use.

This is mainly attributed to the fact that the blood flow in the body is smoothened by the chemicals found in most opioids no different than Kratom. The Kratom thins the blood acting as an aspirin and hence relieves the body of unnecessary stress that it faces when the blood flow is either disrupted or made difficult by the thickening of the blood.

Kratom also possesses a balanced nutrition for the nervous system. Eden Space may not be best advised as an energy pill that can be consumed by a sports person or a regular user and this benefit of the medicine may be accepted as a side advantage only. Similar to Modafinil that is available at Nixest and other vendors of Provigil. Which is also another type of nootropic you can take.

Increasing Appetite:

The loss of appetite occurs for various reasons and though itself is not a dangerous thing or occurrence, it can bring highly unfavorable outcomes for the individual facing it. The loss of appetite results in a loss of drive to eat and drink either due to the fact that the patient’s body starts to reject anything that he or she attempts to consume or due to the fact that the person does not feel hungry at all.

Children facing this disorder in particular complain that while they are hungry and have a drive to eat, once meal is served, its aroma alone starts to diminish their hunger. This is particularly dangerous since the growth of the body is resultantly hampered and the children are left with stunted growth. The mature people also starts growing weaker and their bones start to wear out when they stop having proper meals to fulfill their bodily needs.

The Eden Space offers pills of Kratom that may be used in this regard so as to revive the hunger and appetite that would automatically serve towards resolution of various disorders related with lack of body energy and immunity. Naturally, when a person eats and drinks well, the body starts to heal itself by using the nourishment provided by the food and hence the body starts to revive.

Sexual Desire:

Tradition has it that the Kratom leaves have been particularly useful in increasing the drive for sex. In the modern day thought there are several other medicines and pills available that serve the same purpose, it is worth noticing here that the way in which both these medicines work in is entirely different. The dedicated sexual driving medicines are meant for directly affecting the genital functions of the body. This means that the testicles and other systems of the reproduction are directly nourished by the sexual performance enhancing drugs.

This is not entirely safe, in fact the sexual desire enhancement drugs come with serious side effects that can also leave a person impotent for life. On the other hand the Kratom does not directly affect he genital and reproductive systems and organs, instead it improves the flow of oxygen in the body and the flow of blood also becomes well regulated resulting in an excessive energy felt by the consumer who tends to feel fresh as a result and hence becomes capable of performing well sexually.

The sexual performance of the consumer of Kratom is hence improved not by a chemical reaction in the reproductive system but due to an improved bodily state.


Of all the other benefits of the Kratom one particularly useful is that it can be used for healing open wounds like the ones left following a major surgery or an accident. Though traditionally the leaves were used to cover the wounds that provided a natural cover to the wound preventing anything bacterial or viral from getting into the wound while at the same time, the leaf serves to be a healer through its reaction with the skin.

With Eden Space, there is available powdered Kratom that can be used to pour on the pen wound hence hastening the process of its healing while a regular band aid may we wrapped around the wound. Another benefit in doing so is that the wound is dried up and all the moisture in the wound is eradicated so that the wound may not develop a puss and would heal quickly.

Cough and Abdominal Uses:

In the ancient days the use of Kratom has been extensively made for the treatment of cough and the effectiveness and potency of the medicine remains well intact even today. In addition to that, there are several ways in which the Kratom serves to be an exceptional abdominal treatment agent. Diarrhea has been a disorder that dates back several centuries ago and has various stimulations i.e. the reasons why it is caused.

Kratom is used orally for the prevention of diarrhea and also in curing it. In addition to that, in case of intestinal infection that can result in weakness and loss of water from the body also gets treated by Kratom with great effect.

Mood Enhancer:

Science reveals that the Krato is much useful in the cause of enhancing the mood of an individual that is either depressed or fatigued. People are known to have had used the Kratom leaves once again by chewing them like chewing gum to allow the effects of the harsh working conditions to wear off quickly.

The laborious conditions in which a person works makes the mood of the person rather dull and also inflicts body pain that are both relieved by the Kratom. Eden Space being an excellent anti depressant is at the same time a very proficient and potent mood enhancer that generates positive feelings in the consumer. The traditional Thai people have used since long and still use the Kratom asa refreshment to their guests.

For this purpose, the Kratom is well ground in the form of a fine powder that is poured into water and served as a drink thus also being easily consumable. It is to be noted here that the Kratom herb is a naturally bitter plant that can be consumed raw but does not give a very god taste to the consumer. In fact when consumed raw it can cause the consumer to throw up, therefore a sweetener is added into the mix before consuming hence improving the taste.

Recreational Use:

Although Eden Space advocates responsible and medicinal oriented use of the Kratom, the use of Kratom for recreational purposes may also be carried out provided the amounts in which it is consumed is well controlled.

There can be made several consumable items from the Kratom powder either in the form of a cocktail or tea that is then consumed in supplement for a mood enhancer or an anti depressant. It is advisable that the recreational use of Kratom is kept controlled with respect to quantity of consumption. The use of Kratom with a sweetener may be more advisable.

Eden Space Products:

The Eden Space may be purchased in the form of a finely ground powder that is an ideal material for making Kratom tea. As mentioned above the tea can be used by the elderly as a means for them to enhance their mood while at the same time to get a soothing effect through relieved muscle pains. This makes the Kratom tea a rather comprehensive and complete tonic that is multipurpose to treat various different disorders for the young and the old alike.

The fine powder is easy to store and can be put in airtight container to prevent the aroma to wear off. Eden Space also labels and brands the products based on their place of origin and hence distinguishing them for their quality and their purpose. There is a Bali based Kratom most suitable for consuming as a pain killer and is relatively lot cheaper. It comes in the form of pills that can be ingested with the aid of water so that the Kratom powder does not come in contact with the throat. In the same manner there are pills available of Thai Kratom that is of far superior quality than the Bali one.

The main difference in the quality is not based on the processing of these powders but on the locality and origin of these Kratom plants. Though originally and essentially the same species, there are a lot of differences among the different regions when it comes to the crop of Kratom. Ideally the Thai based Kratom can be used as an energy supplier as well as a sexual performance enhancer due to its higher potency and better quality.

Eden Space Delivery:

Eden Space fully understands that it can be increasingly difficult to get such scarce and specialized herbs while sitting in the United States or Europe since these herbs are not local to these regions and hence have to travel a long way to get there.

In the same manner it can be a source of great trouble for the buyers to get their desired products by going to the market themselves and making the purchase hand to hand. In response to these issues, Eden Space offers free shipping services to the valuable clients who can either choose to get a same day shipping delivery or get 2 days UPS free delivery. Because Eden Space is used as a medicinal item, it is well understood by the company that it reaches the customer in time.

Eden Space works closely with FedEx so that the provision and delivery of the products can be further facilitated.

The FedEx offers a Collect on Delivery service. Due to the nature of the products, it is also realized at the end of the Eden Space that customer privacy is very important and for that the company does not share the details of the customers with anyone unnecessarily and the delivery is made on the provided home address against the buyers’ name who has to receive it.

The privacy policy of Eden Space is very strict and immovable. Not only the domestic but also the industrial users of Kratom can make use of the Eden Space products that are available in the form of extracts used for the manufacturing of various other medicines, syrups and pharmaceutical items.

With Eden Space it can be well assured that the quality and the consistency of the Kratom would be ideal and no doping of any sort has been carried out on the 100% pure produce. It is very easy to buy Kratom from the comfort of the home and the buyers may contact the company for any queries regarding specification of the product or their delivery.

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