Everything You Need to Know About Canopy Botanicals

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There are hundreds of sites that sell kratom online, but only some of them are actually worth spending your time and money on. You don’t want to get caught out of pocket or fall for a scam, after all, and even legitimate sites are sometimes a little more pricey or low-quality than you were expecting.

Canopy Kratom (or Botanicals) are an exception, offering lower prices and good products – but are they actually up to the standards you might expect? And more importantly, are they safe to buy from? Here’s everything you need to know about Canopy Botanicals.

About The Vendor

One of the main selling points brought up in every review of Canopy is their low prices. A low price can go a long way, especially if the product is of good quality. The problem is, once the price dips too low, you might worry that the vendor will offer you questionable products or fake their reputation.

In Canopy’s case, their kratom is much cheaper than many other sites: as an example, you can get 250 grams of White Vein for only $25, which is a much lower price than most other competing sites. If you wanted to buy 25 grams of gold Bali, it would only be around $4, which is hardly anything at all.

Of course, this comes with an upside and a downside. You obviously won’t get life-changing, excellent, one-of-a-kind kratom with prices this cheap, especially compared to other brands that offer exclusive products in exchange for higher pricing. That doesn’t mean that the kratom Canopy offers is dangerous, but you shouldn’t expect incredible quality kratom for the prices they’re asking for: you’re getting decent products for a decent price.

What Do They Sell?

Canopy Botanicals Teas Products

Kratom comes in dozens of different strains, but Canopy Botanicals sell around twenty different types at all times. This includes fairly common strains like Maeng Da (including the usual varieties of Green Maeng, Red Maeng ,and Gold Maeng). Don’t expect anything too extreme, given the price – all of their products are safe for your health and decent quality, but they stick to fairly well-known options rather than exotic types that you may never have heard of before. Still, the variety is good enough that you probably won’t mind, and it lets customers try out new strains while being able to save up money in the process.

Alongside the normal types of kratom product on offer, Canopy also has a special x50 extract that’s supposed to be much stronger and more potent than their normal varieties. Unlike the regular kratom strains, only get this if you’re a customer who knows what they’re doing, since the effects will be stronger on most people.

On top of kratom, the vendor also sells a range of other products, including various handmade soaps, teas, spices, and seasonings. More notably, they actually stock herbal products like Oolong Tea, too. These items are included under their own categories, and have the same kind of pricing and quality ranges. They also sell a few branded clothing items, namely two types of hat and a water bottle.

The kratom products aren’t always listed on their website – if that’s the case, you might have to contact them through email messages instead, or via another market tool. It’s not clear how often this happens or when the products return to visible parts of the site, so don’t worry if they aren’t there anymore.

Even if they aren’t there, the rest of the site will be, so you can still check their various policies and customer service options instead. There’s also a search feature, which makes it easier to track down what you might be looking for when the products are all back on display.

Product Quality

Quality makes a massive difference in even the most basic kratom strain. Canopy has a fairly decent level of quality, which is pushed up by their reduced prices. They don’t offer anything too extreme and are still limited in terms of the varieties they stock, but this isn’t a bad thing as long as you’re happy with what they have available.

There are some mixed opinions about them, especially if you start looking at Canopy kratom review posts, but this is quite common. For every person that finds a certain company’s product line great, there are others that dislike it, so you’ll want to look critically at the reviews. Perhaps leave one of your own, if you have a more accurate set of information to offer.

Shipping and Returns

The fast shipping offered by Canopy Botanicals makes it an incredibly reliable way to get a kratom product quickly. Unlike many other vendors, both in-person and online as vendor sites, Canopy Botanicals try to ship each product as quickly as possible, regardless of whether it’s kratom or one of their handmade soaps. While they won’t be able to do it within the hour, and probably not within a day, they still process each sale as quickly as possible and try to accommodate users as fast as they can.

The vendor has a shipping and returns policy that allows returns within fourteen days, but they can’t offer refunds on opened and used products due to the nature of kratom (and the fact that the returned strains could be tempered with). If the product is still sealed, they can look into it, however. Keep in mind that Canopy isalso willing to send replacements for damaged kratom products, too.

Customer Service

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Proper customer service is important for all kratom vendors, and Canopy Botanicals is no exception. While most review articles haven’t mentioned their service at all, you can find the Canopy Botanicals email address on the main page of their site. This lets you contact the vendor directly.

On top of that, like many small vendors, certain Canopy Botanicals spokespeople will respond to Canopy kratom review posts on sites like Reddit, as well as independent blogs or forums. This can help them solve issues with the kratom that can’t be fixed through regular email address messaging, and gives them a better chance of fixing your issue directly.

While there isn’t a set-in-stone money-back guarantee, Canopy Botanicals are still a smaller company, so it may be possible to negotiate something if you run into a serious issue with the kratom Canopy gives you.

Should I Buy Canopy Kratom?

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Canopy is a very good example of an ideal small vendor, offering low prices for lower-than-normal quality kratom while still making sure that every sample doesn’t include any contaminants or health risks. The low cost makes it very accessible, and the simple nature of the products they offer might make them a great choice of vendor for inexperienced kratom users.

Just remember that many kratom vendors will offer higher-quality products too, even if they are more expensive. You aren’t putting yourself at any risk by buying kratom from this vendor, but you’re also not getting the best quality you could, so it’s up to you whether or not it’s worth taking lower quality products for less money.

Canopy seems very honest and has a lot of positive comments about the items they have sold, including the tea blend items and other non-kratom products, so they’re a good vendor for starting out.

Note that the bottom of the Canopy site doesn’t say “copyright 2019”, and actually mentioned 2016. This means that they’re not only a real business, but they’ve been active as a vendor for almost four years.

It’s not clear how much of that time they’ve been selling kratom for, but it’s a good sign. If the site did say “copyright 2019”, it would mean that they hadn’t actually been legally active until very recently. A company that’s managed to survive four years is easier to trust.

What About The Other Products?

The other products offered by Canopy are all unrelated to kratom, but they still have a decent level of quality. If they’re to your liking, you could always try one of their herbal teas or custom soaps – the prices are just as low, with some of them being much cheaper than other leading brands.

This makes Canopy a good source of non-kratom products, and their other products could be a good way to test their general level of quality without having to risk getting and using kratom.

This could be even more important now that Canopy has begun to sometimes take their kratom products off the site for a while. This can make it a bit harder to actually view things and get an idea of how they like to display their items, but checking some of the regular items on the site might make it easier to see the sort of quality and service you should expect.

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