A Quick Blue River Wellness Review

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There are many different vendors of kratom and other herbal supplements available online at the moment, but it is important for users to know which kratom vendor options are trustworthy options that sell high quality kratom strains, and which are just scammers out to take advantage of customers. Working this out can take a lot of time and effort, however, so it is understandable that you might not want to investigate any kratom vendor in any great level of detail.

To save you time, we’ve put together a thorough review of the blue river wellness kratom company in order to determine whether this kratom vendor is worth your time and money or not. So is blue river wellness a legitimate kratom company? Read on to find out more about this company!

What is Blue River Wellness?

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Blue river Wellness is a company based in Charleston, Colorado, and formerly known as coastal kratom. The name comes from the specific location of the company, right off Blue River Parkway. It is a relatively small company, and only ships kratom products to the customer within the domestic united states of america. Note that when it was coastal kratom it used to do international shipping, but not any more!

The customer service on offer from this kratom company is extremely high quality, and has earned them many fans across the continental USA. If you’re based in the domestic US, then this is one of the best options out there. But if you live internationally, then blue river wellness will not ship any kratom products to you! Other vendors are available for international customers.

Blue River Wellness Products

Knowing which products are available from your vendors of choice is an important part of choosing the best kratom vendor for your personal needs and preference. Let’s have a look at some of the different quality products available from blue river wellness.

Special House Blends

Blue River sells a range of different blends and bundles, from the bright eyes blend of kratom to a discount bundle of blue river wellness maeng da and blue river wellness bali.

Blue River Kratom strains

Blue River Kratom strains

This vendor is notable for removing all mentions of kratom from the online storefront. You won’t find any products sold as kratom here, and instead they will be called Mitra or something similar. This is because there are some regions in which kratom is not legally permitted, so changing the name is a form of legal protection for the company.

There are many different strains available though, even though they are not known as kratom. These include a number of red kratom strains, private reserve maeng da, white vietnam kratom, and the popular green maeng da strain.

If you’re bored of standard red, green, or white kratom strains, then why not try something different? This company’s most popular strain is the tropical blast mitra strain, which is fragrant, juicy, and appealing, as well as working a lot like green and white strains for most users.

Blue River CBD Products

Blue River CBD Products

In addition to kratom products, here known as mitra instead of as kratom, this popular vendor also sells a selection of CBD and related herbal products. This is another way in which they set themselves apart from the competition, by offering a wider range of different herbal supplements and remedies.

Prices from Blue River Wellness

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The prices for most products from this retailer are surprisingly affordable. Kratom is often known for costing a very large amount of money, but most smaller orders from this retailer have reasonable and accessible prices.

An ounce of product from this company generally costs around $10.99, which is a relatively average price from most retailers. That is a reasonable, standard price, but it is worth noting that larger orders and bulk prices from the online store are much less affordable.

32 ounces of powder from this store will cost you around $200, which is very steep. Most retailers charge around $100 to $130 for this sort of bulk order, which is significantly cheaper and does not make this store look good for bulk ordering.

Discounts and Savings

Online sale

Fortunately for the customers, there are a number of different ways in which it is possible for users to save money on their orders. The biggest discount and savings option is the site wide loyalty program.

The loyalty program on offer here was designed as a rewards system for rewarding returning customers who make repeat purchases. Just sign up for an account when you place an order, and you will be automatically enrolled into the loyalty program. Then, every time you place an order, you will receive a small reward.

Most often, that reward will be a discount code that you can use on your next order. There are also regular discount codes on offer to all registered users, which can make a significant difference to your spending even if you haven’t placed an order in a while.

It is also worth following the company on social media, as they sometimes offer discounts via social media and this is where they prefer to advertise their sales and site wide discounts. There are definitely a range of different ways that customers can save money on their orders!

Customer reviews

Users generally say very positive things about this retailer, and it is very highly liked by regular customers. This is largely because the business is fairly solidly established and long standing, and their customer service is of the highest quality. They are also very notable for putting in more work than necessary for customers, and have donated quite a lot of money to the cause of trying to keep kratom legal in as many different regions as possible.


Overall, this retailer is one of the best vendors for customers in the continental USA, although it is not without issues. The prices for bulk orders are unreasonably high, so if you’re looking for somewhere to place a large order then it might not be the best choice. If you’re after a small order in the continental USA, though, then it’s a great choice!

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