Golden Rule Botanicals Review

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Kratom is an increasingly popular herbal supplement that many people are now using for a wide range of medical and therapeutic purposes. Made from the dried leaves of the mitragyna speciosa tree, found across southeast Asia, kratom powder offers effects ranging from pain relief and an easing of depression and anxiety to stimulating effects and improving focus, useful for sufferers from conditions such as ADHD or ADD.

There are many different online kratom vendors available, but many of them are nothing better than snake oil peddlers, selling a low quality, ineffective products to customers for high prices. As such, it is important to read reviews of any kratom vendor you are considering before you buy from them.

Because kratom is becoming increasingly popular, more kratom vendors are popping up every year, but working out which ones are legitimate suppliers and which are just scammers and snake oil peddlers can be difficult and can take up hours of your valuable time.

Fortunately for you, we’ve done all the necessary research into golden rule botanicals, saving you hours of precious time and a great deal of effort. If you want to know more about golden rule kratom, then read our golden rule botanicals review below to find out everything you might need to know about this kratom vendor and the products available from golden rule kratom!

What is Golden Rule Botanicals?

Golden Rule Botanicals

Golden Rule Botanicals is a small online kratom vendor set up by Brandon Bird, the popular herbal supplements entrepreneur. He started the company after trying Kratom and noticing that the majority of kratom vendors out there were scammers and snake oil peddlers, or at best had terrible customer service and low quality product strains. Many people were unsatisfied, so he decided to do something about it.

After a little experimentation, Bird set up a kratom vendor with a focus on better quality, better tasting kratom products from a variety of different strains. The customer response was excellent, thanks to the quality of his product and service, and since then golden rule botanicals has grown and solidified its place in the kratom market very effectively over time.

Services from golden rule botanicals are provided personally by Bird, so if you call this company it’s the founder that will answer the phone and deal with any of your questions. He knows what he’s talking about, and is always willing to help customers to find exactly the right kratom product for their personal needs. He’s happy to devote hours of his time to making sure that every customer is satisfied with their experience in ordering kratom from golden rule botanicals.

This kratom vendor imports a large amount of kratom to the united states every month, as most of its users are people who live in the USA. All of the kratom sold by golden rule kratom is grown in south east asia, and them imported as fresh as possible to ensure that users receive only the highest quality and best tasting kratom products, no matter which strain they choose to order.

Why use Golden Rule Botanicals?

Many people say that golden rule offers the best quality kratom products out there. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for that!

Firstly, the strains of kratom on offer from this vendor are extremely pure and potent. You can take a lower dosage of the product available from golden rule and still get the same effects as you would experience from a higher dosage of kratom from some other vendor. It’s also a better smelling and tasting product than you’d be able to get from another vendor.

Golden Rule is one of the most trustworthy kratom vendor options online at the moment. The founder knows about his products, and will always respond to emails within around 24 hours. It’s a great personal touch, and helps you to feel like you can really rely on this vendor to be fully trustworthy.

The range of kratom strains on offer from this supplier is impressive. You can easily buy the usual green vein kratom strain, as well as red kratom and white kratom too. If you’re not sure which strain you want, don’t hesitate to email Brandon – he is always happy to help, and will always be able to help you to make a great purchasing decision.

As an added bonus, the prices for most strains here are lower than at most other vendors, and you can reliably get whichever strain you want for the best price on offer, particularly if you use a coupon code!

If you’re looking to try a range of different kratom strains, you do not have to buy a large quantity of any one strain. Instead, you can buy a kilo split up between up to 36 different strains in a single order! This makes it ideal for customizing your order and trying a range of different products at any one time. This ensures that you can rotate between strains easily, reducing the problem of building up a tolerance which can happen if you take a single strain repeatedly for a long while.

Orders are always delivered very quickly, so nobody has to wait any longer than necessary for their products. Shipping should always happen within two days, keeping customers happy and satisfied at all times.

Many users report having a great experience with kratom from golden rule botanicals. While kratom from other suppliers often causes constipation and stomach discomfort, products from this supplier do not usually cause these problems. This is because they are high quality and pure, and therefore users have to take less to get the results they want, reducing the risk of side effects.

Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom Products

Golden Rule Botanicals Products

There are many different strains of kratom powder available from golden rule botanicals, ranging from red bison to green malay and white thai. All of these have different effects and are used for different purposes, so it is important to know which strain you are buying. Let’s go through some of the best and most popular products available from this vendor.

One of the most popular strains available is green malay kratom. This is one of the most commonly used strains from all marketplaces, and green kratom varieties are usually seen as better introductory varieties than either red or white kratom. Green vein, otherwise known as just green, is a popular category, and green malay is one of the most affordable and popular products available in this category.

Red bison kratom is another popular and effective strain available from this supplier. Red varieties are usually stronger than green, and offer more powerful effects. They are not usually recommended for beginners, but if you’re looking for significant effects and great pain relief, then this is a great choice for you.

The third most popular strain available here is white thai, an extremely powerful painkiller and anti anxiety strain that is valued by many users for its incredible effects. It’s not for the faint hearted, but if you’re looking for something that really packs a punch, then it might be worth giving a white vein strain a shot!

Yellow varieties and blends of multiple different options are also available if you want something outside the normal green, red and white selection that most users like to use. All of the different products available can be bought as crushed leaves and powders, and sometimes as other forms too, ensuring that you can always take them in whatever your preferred manner may be, no matter what that is.

Website Design

Golden Rule Botanicals Website

The web design on this vendor’s main web page is very user friendly and straightforward, making it as easy as possible to buy products from their online home. It is easy to use and appealing in design, as well as being full of all the essential information that you might need if you are thinking about placing an order. That covers background information and basics, as well as the details of their product provenance and all the information you might want about their kratom products themselves.

Customer Service

The customer service offered by this vendor is extremely high quality, with a 24 hour service available to all customers. If you have any questions at all about their services and products, do not hesitate to get in touch with them! They will always be glad to help, and really put user care right at the top of their priority list. You can trust goldenrule botanicals to always have your best interests at heart, and to respond to any queries you may have about their products or any stage of the ordering process extremely quickly.


Overall, Goldenrule Botanicals is a company that we would highly recommend to anyone who wants to buy high quality kratom at reasonable prices. All of their supplements are of the highest quality, and you can rely on it to be appropriately sourced and entirely free from any risk of contamination, no matter whether you are buying red, green, white or even yellow powder.

The care this company takes to look after users at every stage of the ordering process is very impressive, and more retailers should take note of this. It is one of the best features of the company, and really helps this vendor to stand out from the crowded field of herbal supplement suppliers online. Far from being a scam or an untrustworthy supplier, this is one of the very best retailers in the online marketplace, despite its relatively small size. Buy with confidence!

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