Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom Review

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It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie to the world of Kratom looking for somewhere to buy easily from or whether you already have a trusted stockist, it is always interesting to find out more about any “new kids on the block.”  This is probably how you have found us here at Happy Hippo Herbals, the Kratom specialists.

Let’s talk about Kratom.

Happy Hippo Herbals is a fairly new company and is located in Boise, Idaho.  It seems that it does not get a great deal of exposure though it deserves a great deal of attention, which is the reason we have written this article for you as a helpful guide.  We are writing this from the angle that we have been using different pure Kratom products and sourcing these from many different places for a while now, so we feel we are in a good position to write an honest, to the point and helpful review on the subject.

Reviewing Happy Hippo Herbals

Before we get started with the main review, it is good to remind ourselves as to the most important things we are looking at in a Kratom vendor.  For us, and probably for you, too, these are:

  • Product quality
  • Service
  • Price of product
  • Order ease
  • Product selection range

Is Happy Hippo Kratom Good?

We think that the most important factor out of all of the ones we have included on the above list is that of the Kratom quality.  It does not matter to us how fancy the packaging is, how much money we are saving, or how easy to navigate their website is – you have to experience the goods to know their true quality!  If you are a regular user of Kratom, you will know the difference, but if you are new to the Kratom world, let us tell you that the differences between good Kratom and bad are enormous!

In the past, we have experienced the best and the worst of the Kratom world, thanks to a whole host of suppliers.  It was due to this that in 2013, we first decided to give Happy Hippo a go.  Initially, we weren’t impressed.  During the first couple of burns, it resulted in us feeling nothing but a bit drowsy, as if we had been using way too much, though all we had used was 5 grams.  Our immediate response was that the Kratom must be rubbish if it was making us feel this way when we were only using such a low dosage.  We knew from past experience and buying from other “good” vendors that 5g was nothing to write home about, so we did not feel as if we were overdosing ourselves.

Skeptical to say the least, we tried Happy Hippo for a second time, but this time only burning 2g and began to build up the dose as we went along.  What a huge difference this made to our experience!  With Happy Hippo Kratom, we were able to feel the positive effects even when just burning 2 or 3g.  Burning such low quantities with other vendors had never previously worked.

Increasing gradually, we found our optimum dosage, which for us was somewhere between 3.5 and 4g.  When we say optimum dosage, we mean the quantity of Kratom that showed us the most positive results and least negative side effects.  Due to starting with such a low dosage and increasing the amount gradually, we learned just how powerful Happy Hippo Kratom really is, and still, now, we gain the best results from burning 3.5g to 4g on an empty stomach, no matter what strain we use.

Happy Hippo Kratom gives off a much better and higher quality smell that any other Kratom we have ever used, even when we use half the amount.  If we compare, Happy Hippo to the low-quality Kratom found most commonly in headshops, well there’s no competition.  Happy Hippo is the real deal!  Not only is it clearly imported from a good source, but it is also more than clear how fresh it is, too.

So, by means of answering the question we started with, yes, we definitely think that Happy Hippo is a good product.  In fact, we would go so far as saying that it is the best Kratom we have found because it is powerful, low dosages can attain positive effects and it’s fresh.

We have discovered that Happy Hippo provides users with good quality Kratom, but what else do we need to look in to?

Customer Service

Always important to consider is the service provided when purchasing a product of any kind.  You need to be able to gain help and support if and when you require it.

We found that Happy Hippo is second to none when it comes to customer service.  Every question we had was answered thoroughly, every email we sent was responded to appropriately and in a timely manner.   They also go above and beyond by including a personal, handwritten note with every order they post out to us, which we love!

There are other things we think are ace about Happy Hippo’s customer service team, too, including the fact that they are so very honest.  They sell Kratom in 1oz and 4oz bags, and if you weigh them, they are more than these specified weights – they give you extra.  On top of this, they include free samples of different Kratom strains within your order, and this is not just a sweetener for us…it seems that this happens with many if not all, customers of Happy Hippo and the evidence can be seen in their reviews.

So, when it comes to customer service, there is nothing we can say to fault them.  They are always prompt, polite, and fast in their response, as well as going the extra mile time and time again.  What more could you ask for?

Kratom Cost at Happy Hippo

As you would imagine, when you want the best in quality, it usually comes at a higher price, and yes, this is the case for Happy Hippo Kratom.  Yes, you can easily find Kratom from other vendors at much lower prices, but to us, this fact is entirely irrelevant because Happy Hippo is so much better in Kratom quality that it just wouldn’t be right or fair to make comparisons.

There is also the consideration that the Kratom supplied by Happy Hippo requires you to use only a fraction of other Kratom vendor quantities, that actually Happy Hippo Kratom works out equal in its price per burn if not better.  Happy Hippy Kratom in some cases can be more cost-effective.  Remember that when you require less because of the enhanced quality, it will also last a lot longer without you having to fork out to restock your supplies.

A benefit of using Happy Hippo products is that you can pay for them with BitCoin, and in doing so, you can gain an additional 20% off your final order price.  Take advantage of this while you can because we suspect that this incredible BitCoin incentive will not last forever.  If you have never paid for anything using BitCoin, click here to learn how to pay Happy Hippo with BitCoin.

The Ease of Ordering Kratom

Another way we like to test a new vendor is through their ordering process combined with that of the user experience of buying Kratom through an online store.

Let’s be straight – Kratom isn’t renowned for being the easiest thing to order because, at the end of the day, it’s a drug and needs to be regulated in some way.  However, it is entirely legal to sell and to buy Kratom.  Despite this, Kratom sellers are not usually able to use payment processors like Paypal.

Due to these facts, it hasn’t always been easy to buy Kratom from Happy Hippo primarily because they were unable to accept credit card payments and payment could only be taken through the use of the lesser known payment processor, Dwolla.  This was off-putting to buyers as it was not well known and therefore not particularly trusted, and also an account had to be created in order for money to be processed and sent to Happy Hippo. If you lived internationally, these limited options were not viable to you, despite how reliant we are as a society on our modern technology and our constant ability to choose, order, and buy online.

But now Happy Hippo has the full legal ability to accept credit cards and BitCoin with no problem whatsoever.  Okay, so the Happy Hippo website isn’t the fanciest thing you will have ever seen, but it certainly does what it says on the tin, it’s easy to understand, simple to navigate your way around and coupon codes are accepted without any frustration.  Oh, and if you are one of the few who use Dwolla, Happy Hippo Herbals still accept this method of payment, too.

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Kratom Strain Range

There are multiple different types of Kratom which we hope you are already aware of, each of which has different effects on the human body.  You need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve from Kratom before you purchase it, as their main purposes vary greatly.

If you are currently or intend to become a Kratom burner on a daily basis, it is advised that you have a strain rota.  The best thing to do is to have a week between repeating a strain of Kratom, so this means that you need to find at least seven strains that are compatible with you.

At Happy Hippo Herbals, there is a varied selection of Kratom strains that burn at a variety of speeds.  Make sure you know their burn speeds and keep varying them so that you do not become tolerant.  You want Kratom to work for you continually.

Alternatively, there is also a product sold by Happy Hippo Herbals called Phenibut, which you may be interested in learning more about.  To discover the advantages of using Phenibut, click here.

Happy Hippo Herbal Summary

We hope that we have given you all the information you require to feel like you can make the best decision for yourself when it comes to choosing and trusting a Kratom vendor.  To make our thoughts really clear and to help you further, we have created a pros and cons list.

Happy Hippo Pros

  • Happy Hippo Herbals sells the best and highest quality Kratom that we have so far found (and we have tried loads!);
  • You will not need to use anywhere near as much Kratom if you buy it from Happy Hippo as you will if you buy it from other sellers;
  • Kratom sold by Happy Hippo is the freshest around and is the most powerful (which is why you will use less, saving you money in the long run!);
  • The customer service and support provide by this company are incomparable to any other Kratom seller service – they are polite, fast and informative;
  • They always throw in added extras in your packages, like freebies, extra Kratom and write handwritten notes which we love;
  • Buying is easy, credit cards can be used, and get 20% off when you use BitCoin;
  • They have a great variety of different strains and burn times of Kratom to choose from.

Happy Hippo Cons

  • It is more expensive than other Kratom sellers, but when the quality is better, it’s fresher and more powerful, you actually use less Kratom per burn and therefore save money long term…so is this actually an issue?;
  • The website isn’t ideal, but hey, we would rather have a quality and trusted product than a pretty website to look at for a few minutes;
  • Happy Hippo is an American company, and therefore you will incur an additional charge if you do not live there so that your Kratom can be delivered.  It’s worth it though!

Happy with Happy Hippo

To round up, there isn’t really any particular area that we dislike about Happy Hippo as a company, seller or their products.  We’ve tried to find a reason to hate them but…we just can’t!

All we ever want is the best quality Kratom, and we know that Happy Hippo provides that every time – we have never been disappointed.  Their Kratom is fresh and powerful, their customer service is incomparable, and their purchasing process is super easy.  We recommend Kratom 100%.  What are you waiting for?

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