Herbaldom In-Depth Vendor Review

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In recent years, the online herbal supplement marketplace has been rocked by the arrival and explosion in the popularity of kratom. This popular herbal remedy is made from the dried and powdered leaves of the mitragyna speciosa tree, found only in southeast Asia and only imported to the western world for a short time so far.

There are many different kratom vendors available online, all of which are based out of states and countries where kratom is legal, but not all of them are high-quality vendors of high-quality kratom products.

Many users have become a customer of one kratom store, and are dedicated to that one. Kratom is a valuable and powerful supplement for pain relief, and there are many different places out there where you can buy kratom products at this time.

But workying out which kratom suppliers are worth trying can be difficult. Many users turn to reddit posts in an attempt to find a review of a vendor they are thinking about trying at the time, but these posts are rarely in enough depth to be very useful.

Fortunately, we have put in the time and effort to put together an in depth review of Herbaldom kratom in order to explain whether or not this vendor is a good source of high quality kratom products or not. If you’re interested in finding out more about herbaldom kratom and their quality control kratom, read on below to learn more!

What is Herbaldom?

Herbaldom KratomHerbaldom Kratom is one of the smaller kratom retailers out there, but they are becoming increasingly popular thanks to a number of different features. Their quality control is extremely good, and all of the products available from this vendor are extremely high quality at all times.

There are also a number of more unusual strains available from this supplier, from green strains to white strains and yellow ones. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons that are why customers like this retailer and its kratom products so much.

Products from Herbaldom

There are a number of kratom products available from Herbaldom, and some of them are more unusual than others. There are several different strains available, but not all of them are in stock at any one point. There are three main strains of kratom that this vendor focuses on.

Green Maeng Da

matcha green tea powder

Green Maeng Da kratom is one of the most popular strains of kratom in the entire world at the moment, and most vendors offer a range of products made from this popular and valuable green strain. Herbaldom offers many different maeng da products, and nearly every single kratom user has wanted to buy green kratom maeng da from their vendor of choice at some point.

Maeng da green is known for being one of the most potent kratom strains available for providing energy boosting effects and pain relief to users with chronic pain conditions. As well as the pain relief and energy boosting results, it also offers a range of other effects depending on the precise dosage used, such as euphoric effects at certain dosages. Most regular kratom users have tried maeng da at some point, and this strain is almost always in stock at this vendor in large amounts.

White Horn Kratom

White horn kratom is an extremely rare strain of kratom that is very hard to find from most vendors. Most customers of this particular strain love it so much that they are not willing to switch to a different one, and that keeps them coming back to Herbaldom again and again. Even most of the largest vendors do not offer this strain, so it is unusual to find it at such a small retailer.

White horn is one of the kratom products best suited for taking at night, as it gives a gentle relaxation effect and only a mild energy boost. The energy gained from these products is mild and gently stimulating, and actually helps you to unwind and fall asleep if you take it at night.

Many people suffer from insomnia and want to sleep better, and white horn kratom products are a great choice for helping with this problem. If this is the strain you’re looking for, then Herbaldom is a great choice for you.

Yellow Hulu Kapuas

Even most regular users of kratom have never heard of yellow hulu kapuas. This is one of the rarest strains of kratom in the entire industry, and it is exceptionally difficult to find. You can look in even the largest and best stocked of kratom stores, but you are almost guaranteed to be unable to find yellow hulu kapuas.

Even if you find a vendor that claims to offer this strain, it is likely to be out of stock. The best vendors will offer a blend of strains that combine to offer a similar effect, but will not be able to give you this specific strain. Fortunately, Herbaldom specialize in this particular kratom strain.

Yellow kapuas hulu kratom is proven to give powerful relaxation effects without sending you to sleep. That makes it a great option for helping with stress and anxiety when you want to keep working and stay productive during the day. Herbaldom also stocks red hulu kapuas and green hulu kapuas for users, if the yellow strain is not exactly what you are looking for.

Herbaldom recommendations

Many users recommend Herbaldom Kratom. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest selling points of this vendor, and what helps it to stand out from the crowded and constantly growing field of kratom retailers online.

Rare Strains

Mitragyna speciosa

The biggest reason to recommend Herbaldom is the range of rare kratom strains available to buy. Most stores struggle to offer kapuas kratom or horn kratom, but Herbaldom specialize in these particular strains. Not many people know about this store as a source for the rare strains of kratom, and it is a valuable secret that is very much appreciated by the users who care about these unusual strains and being able to buy them reliably and easily at good prices.

Prices from Herbaldom

This retailer offers a wide range of different prices for users, ensuring that you can find a product to suit your budget no matter what your financial situation might be. Their cheapest products come in at an impressively low $5, while their most expensive products cost around $30. That’s still not a bad price at all, for some of the rarer strains. This is a wider price range than most vendors offer, making this a more accessible option for customers with lower incomes.

Customer Service

The customer service staff at this vendor are all fully trained and well informed about all of the products available from the online store. No matter what problems might arise, they should be easily able to help you to resolve them quickly and simply. Their treatment of customers is always of the highest professional standard, and users speak very highly of the customer care they receive from this vendor.

Product Quality


Person inspecting a plants

All of the products on offer from this retailer are of very high standards. That ensures that users are always satisfied with their orders, as the kratom is always pure and effective, unlike the impure and less effective products available from some of the less scrupulous retailers on the internet.

Disadvantages of Herbaldom

Herbaldom Kratom has many great advantages, but it is not a perfect kratom vendor. There are a number of disadvantages that you should be aware of when trying to decide whether or not to place an order from this vendor. Let’s take a look through the biggest problems with Herbaldom, so you have all the information you might need.

One of the biggest disadvantages of Herbaldom kratom is the limited range of kratom strains available. The library of strains on offer from this vendor is smaller than many competing businesses offer, and you cannot assume that you will be able to buy whatever strain you want.

Because of the limited stock of strains, you should always check on the vendor website in advance of placing your order, to see whether they have the strain you want in stock at that particular time.

Many users of kratom are used to being given coupons and discounts when they are a regular customer of a single kratom vendor. Unfortunately, there are no discounts on offer from Herbaldom at all, and this makes the service of this company feel a little less personal than some other kratom vendors might be able to offer.

This is not necessarily a major problem, but it’s not exactly a reason to leave a vendor that offers discounts in favor of Herbaldom kratom, which has no loyalty scheme, discounts, coupons, or offers for the regular customer.


For the most part, this is one of the better kratom retailers out there. It’s not perfect, and the library of strains available could certainly be wider than it is at the moment, but other than that it is a reliable and satisfactory retailer. If you’re after some of the rarer varieties, then it it the best option out there, as it sells some of the rarest and hardest to find varieties, such as kapuas and whitehorn varieties, which can be very difficult to find elsewhere.

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