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Hill Country Kratom is a kratom-selling company that’s had quite a long time to build up it’s reputation, and have a direct connection to the crowth process of the kratom they’re selling, rather than just re-selling an existing product without proper quality checks and test samples. But should you trust them? Are there any flaws you should watch out for?

This Hill Country Kratom review will detail the highs, lows and important information behind the company and the various products they offer.



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As with all kratom sellers, quality is important. Good quality kratom can be the difference between perfect health and a severe medical issue, depending on how badly it’s been prepared. However, there’s are multiple different steps that go into growing, harvesting and preparing kratom, so it’s easier to go into each of Hill Country’s quality control steps separately.

The Growing Process

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Hill Country Kratom gets their products from a farm in Kilbar, Indonesia. They’re grown in proper, carefully-controlled farmland and checked for quality of safety issues even before they’re harvested. Once they’re fully grown, and the kratom itself can actually be harvested properly, the company takes all necessary measures to make sure that it isn’t contaminated or infected in any way, resulting in much higher quality kratom further down the line. The different kratom strains are all handled individually, rather than as a shared product, improving the quality even further.


Unlike a lot of similar companies, Hill Country kratom doesn’t transport the fresh leaves over extreme distances, and keeps everything local until they can be fully processed. This means that they aren’t subjected to any long-distance hauling until they’re packaged and protected from outside quality problems. They also don’t treat their products with anything that can be dangerous to humans – if they have to treat it at all, they use safe alternatives.


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Unlike a lot of vendors, they use safe, clean indoor leaf drying facilities to help produce super, high-quality results time and time again. HCK have done their best to ensure that the kratom keeps all of it’s nutrients, letting them give you more energy and life without resorting to artificial options that could harm the user.

Ordering The Kratom

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Hill Country kratom is primarily an online company, letting you order samples from various strains over the internet fairly easily. This also means that payment is taken digitally, including E-Wallets, direct payments or through third-party cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. They’ve made it incredibly easy to order the kratom from almost any location (provided it’s legal there), and take every measure they can to keep the transactions safe and secure, even if you’re paying them directly.

The company lists the pricing breakdown of their products, showing you exactly where the money from your purchase is going. New or first-time buyers may find this reassuring, since it helps them understand how the company will share the money, especially if they’re worried that they’ll be ripped off.

To make the process even more accessible, the Hill Country website is straightforward and relatively easy to use, letting you track down the exact strains and varieties you might want to buy without getting lost or overwhelmed.

Each strain grown by the company is labelled clearly and separated out properly, ensuring that you’ll always get exactly what you order. No matter which type of Mitragyna Speciosa (a.k.a. Kratom) you might order, they’ll be able to provide high-quality and well-checked samples.

Customer Service

Along with the variety of purchase options, the company also tried to provide the simplest, most secure and easiest-to-use shopping experience possible, allowing almost any customer to choose exactly what they want and have it delivered within a set period of days. If anything breaks or seems to stop working, you can email them directly to get the vendor to try and fix it.

Quality Issues

While there have been few to no complaints about the kratom from even a single customer, the company will happily work with any customer that suffers a problem: either with their kratom strains or the delivery/ordering process. This, combined with the great quality of their products, makes it much easier to order their products without fear of something going wrong.

There isn’t any special code or terminology used by Hill Country: everything is fairly easy to understand, even if you’re brand new to kratom and don’t know very much about how it’s made or the various names each strain is known by. For example, if you want to buy Red Kali, it won’t be hidden behind the original Latin name (Mitragyna Speciosa) or an uncommon nickname that’s only used in certain places.

Free Shipping

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Certain customers will be able to request free shipping, depending on their location and the amount of kratom they’re ordering. Not every location will be able to make use of this, but a large amount of major areas can benefit, and the company will generally ask you to pay shipping if it’s too much for them to cover on their own.

Everybody who works on the customer service team know plenty of information about kratom, and may even use or love it themselves, meaning that they can offer practical advice rather than just reading script.

Free shipping is always useful, but don’t feel bad if you’re unable to qualify for it. It’s only a small part of the entire purchasing process, and it won’t affect the quality of the products you end up with: at worst, it might just cost slightly more.


Price is always important when you’re buying something online, especially a product like kratom. It’s easy to get overcharged if you aren’t careful: but how do you ensure you’re getting the best price possible?

All of Hill Country kratom’s products are priced according to their rarity and value, as well as their popularity in the areas they’re sold. This means that you’ll always get a fair price for your kratom, regardless of whether it’s Green Borneo or Kali Red Vein. You’ll be able to get whichever type you love at a fair, reasonable price – and thanks to the full price breakdown mentioned earlier, you’ll get to see where the money is actually going, so you can be positive that the price won’t be increased unless it needs to be.


The site also offers a special coupon system, and will occasionally give out coupons on other sites that give you cheaper shipping, reduced prices on certain items or other bonuses. All of these can be redeemed on the site itself, or through the customer service system if the site doesn’t seem to be working correctly. Even if you don’t get an amazing deal in a free coupon, it can still help you shop at a slightly reduced price.


Hill Country kratom act like a larger family, employing people who know kratom and are happy to help you search, find, order and use whichever variety of kratom takes your fancy. If you like red kali, they’ll be able to give you safe, high-quality and fairly-priced kratom that’s exactly what you expect, without any risks of contamination or damage to the product itself.

So, should you trust the company? This Hill Country kratom review contains most of the info you’d need about the company, but it’s still up to your own judgement. Make sure to check reviews that the user base posts on the site itself if they’re available – you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the product you’re hoping for, especially if you’re new to kratom in general and don’t really know much about the different varieties. If you’re just starting out, it’s definitely not a bad place to buy kratom from, but you’ll want to be able to tell your South-East-Asian Maeng from your Kalimantan kratom, since they’re all very different products.

The Verdict

Hill Country is definitely a good site to buy kratom from, as long as you know enough to choose the right types and avoid overusing whichever products you get. The high quality control standards and close-knit connection to the growing process gives them far more control over how each strain turns out, so you’re far less likely to get a “bad batch” that they weren’t able to check properly. In fact, this might even make it a great place to buy your first sample of kratom from, since you’ll be avoiding a lot of possible safety and quality risks.

Hopefully this review has helped you learn a little more about the company and what it offers. If you’re still interested in buying from them, don’t hesitate to go ahead and visit their website or do further research online. At the end of the day, your safety and satisfaction matter most.

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