How Gabapentin and Kratom is Related

Mitragynina speciosa or Kratom

The herbal supplements market is an increasingly large one, with many users turning to these products for health reasons, relaxation, stimulation, and many other possible purposes. In the last few years, this market has been dominated by kratom, the popular plant powder from southeast Asia.

But for many people, kratom on its own is not enough for the effects they are looking to experience, whether that is using it as a stimulant or for relieving pain. That means that many kratom users are now turning to other drugs, potentiators, and other supplements in order to enhance their experience of kratom to a greater or lesser extent.

The potentiation that these supplements can provide often helps users to achieve greater effects from their kratom powder. One of the most popular potentiate combinations at the moment is gabapentin and kratom, but before you try this, it is important to know a bit more about these two substances and how they interact.

It is a good idea to read more detailed descriptions of gabapentin and kratom and how they work and interact, but make sure you read information from places you trust, and do not simply read marketing text or scare stories!

Below, we’re going to answer all your questions beyond the simple “does gabapentin potentiate kratom”? What about side effects? Withdrawal symptoms? Will combining the two make you feel better or worse? How does gabapentin work? How does kratom work? Does anything else potentiate kratom? Read on below to find out more about gabapentin and kratom, as well as how to potentiate kratom.

Why Kratom?


Mitragynina speciosa or Kratom

Kratom is used by many people as a simple herbal remedy for dealing with anxiety and stress problems, as it can work effectively as a sedative. It can also be used as a stimulant, helping users to stay focused and on target. That makes it a good solution when used to treat conditions such as ADHD.

Another common use is for sleep quality improvement. The right dosage of kratom can be used to deal with insomnia very effectively, allowing many people to experience a comfortable night of restful sleep. Too low a dosage can have the opposite effect, though!

Its range of different effects can make a huge positive difference to users with a large number of different health conditions, and it can be used to treat several different issues. It is increasingly easy to buy kratom online these days, making it far easier for potential users to choose this popular herbal remedy rather than more powerful opioids for pain relief.

There are many different strains of kratom available, each with its own unique effects and different strengths. As such, the range of different effects achieved will depend on the particular strain of kratom that you are using, as well as on your own biological makeup.

Lower dosages are generally used for increasing concentration levels and attention, as well as driving greater motivation at work – it’s a great alternative to Adderall! Higher dosages have more of a sedative effect, reducing anxiety and creating a calm and restful state of mind and helping to relax both the mind and the body.

A small dose of kratom acts much like a good cup of coffee. Most users describe it as giving that energy boost you crave, without the restlessness and increased heart rate that comes from too much coffee. White and green strains are also particularly good for concentration boosting effects, making these the best choices for those who want to alleviate the effects of ADHD, ADD or other similar conditions.

The big one, though, and the reason why people often want to use gabapentin as a potentiate for kratom, is its powerful pain relief effects. Kratom makes an excellent painkiller, and is used as a herbal substitute for prescription pain medication in many parts of the world.

Many users report kratom working as an excellent natural painkiller for a wide range of different health conditions such as headaches, migraines, arthritic conditions, vascular issues, muscle problems, or many different chronic conditions. When combined with gabapentin, it can even be used to mitigate the problems of much more serious chronic pain conditions!

What is Kratom?

mitragyna speciosa korth (kratom) a drug from plant

Kratom is a plant found across south east Asia in a wide variety of different strains. When you buy kratom, it usually comes in either powder form or small capsules, which contain the powder. This powder is made from the ground up dried leaves of the kratom plant (locally known in some areas as Maeng Da rather than kratom).

This is a large leafed plant, more properly known as Mitragyna Speciosa, and it has been used locally for its medical properties for thousands of years. It has only made its way to the west in more recent years, however, and is a relatively new arrival in both the herbal medicine market and the recreational drugs market.

Kratom is grown in a number of different south east asian countries, and then imported to the USA and the rest of the world. There are many different varieties and strains of kratom, several of which are found in completely different countries. In general, kratom strains are distinguished by the color of the veins that run through the leaves.

These can be green, red, or white. They are further classified by where the strain of kratom in question comes from, such as Sumatra or Indonesia. For example, “white indo kratom” is a strain of kratom with white veins running through the leaves, grown in Indonesia. The powder itself will not be different colors!

There are now many different online vendors selling kratom in many different forms, as well as other substances that potentiate kratom. This substance is increasingly popular as an alternative to opioids, as well as an alternative stimulant and attention supplement. It can be consumed in many ways, and is a great alternative to opioid pain relief supplements.

However, there is some controversy around kratom in the current market, as there often is with new drugs. A lot of this controversy centers around just how powerful some strains of kratom can be, and there is very little scientific research to date. What little research there is indicates that using kratom in moderation and with some precautions is perfectly safe, but care should be taken not to take too much at any one time, and to avoid developing any kind of dependency to it.

How does Kratom work?

Kratom has many different functions when consumed, and acts as all of a stimulant, a pain killer, a mood booster, and a great substance for relieving anxiety. Its active ingredients primarily consist of an alkaloid called Mitragynine. It can also act as an effective non opioid sedative when a larger dosage is consumed.

Kratom works on the same receptors as opiate substances, specifically the mu, delta and kappa opioid receptors. It was initially introduced to the west as a herbal medicine to be used to treat chronic pain, but these days it is primarily consumed by users who choose it as a recreational drug rather than for chronic pain and health. Unfortunately, this means that kratom abuse is something of a problem these days, and has caused some concern with the FDA.

Kratom is banned in many parts of the world, due to problems with abuse. That means that its benefits for health and the advantages it can produce are not universally accepted, and it is worth bearing that in mind. Let’s not focus too carefully on that right now, though, and instead, take a look at the therapeutic experience of kratom when combined with gabapentin as a pain treatment for those who need to avoid opioids for any reason. Read on below to find out more about combining gabapentin and kratom.

When consumed at low doses, kratom allows users to focus better and produce more work without a break. It can also produce feelings of euphoria and relaxed happiness, which makes it a valuable herbal supplement that helps with anxiety and related conditions.

When higher doses of kratom are consumed, it has a sedative effect, relaxing the mind and body of users more like an opioid painkiller, as it utilizes the same receptors as opioids. This is a valuable effect, but a risky one, and it is important to keep a close eye on dosages in order to have a good and safe experience of it.

What is Gabapentin?


Gabapentin - pharmaceutical concept

Gabapentin, otherwise known as Neurontin, is a drug that offers relief from withdrawal symptoms in those who are trying to end opiate dependance. It is primarily sold for treating opiate withdrawal symptoms and for general pain relief in crisis situations, it is used by many people to treat a range of other problems these days.

Users report that gabapentin can make a huge positive difference to a wide range of different forms of chronic pain. It clearly has valuable relieving effects for more than just opiate withdrawal, and might have a great potential for those who choose to take it to treat other health issues and pain conditions. However, it definitely needs FDA approval before it can be fully recommended for anything other than extreme pain relief and opiate withdrawal syndrome!

How does Gabapentin work?

Buckle up, because we’re going to get a bit scientific and technical here. Gabapentin, otherwise known as neurontin, acts on your central nervous system by blocking the voltage gated calcium ion channels around your nervous system. The channels allow for regular regulation of the flow of calcium ions (Ca2+) to the brain.

Any sort of problems with these channels can cause a number of effects like general issues with coordination and movement, as well as unpleasant disorders such as migraines, neuropathic pain, ataxia, and epilepsy. By blocking these channels, gabapentin (or neurontin) prevents too much calcium from reaching the nervous system, and reduces the symptoms of these unpleasant and painful conditions.

In addition to this, neurontin increases your body’s production of the GABA neurotransmitter, as well as having some minor effects on the Kinase C protein, NMDA receptors, and GABAB receptors. GABA is a neurotransmitter that alleviates the symptoms of opiate withdrawal problems, and being abnormally deficient in it can lead to problems with anxiety and stress.

By encouraging your body to produce more GABA, gabapentin ensures that opiate withdrawal problems are alleviated as far as possible, relieving discomfort and problems. In addition to this, the increase in how much GABA your nerves produce can help to relieve problems such as anxiety, epileptic fits, muscle aches, general pain, and convulsions.

How do Gabapentin and Kratom work together?

We’ve talked a bit above about the fact that some drugs like gabapentin potentiate kratom, but not really about how substances like gabapentin potentiate kratom. From the information we have given above, it should be clear that gabapentin and kratom are different substances that work in different ways, neither of them are opioids, but that somehow the two of them work together, and that gabapentin somehow helps kratom to function.

Both gabapentin and kratom work to help alleviate the symptoms of opioid withdrawal, providing analgesia and relief from problems. Both help to relieve users from anxiety, stress, depression and worries. They also both work to help boost mood. Because they have similar effects, it is possible to take gabapentin and kratom together for a more enhanced result than just taking one of them would provide.

Nobody has any idea how these two substances actually work together, but the fact remains that gabapentin and kratom actually work well together, and that gabapentin can act as an effective potentiator of kratom.


Hands with pills

It is vitally important to always monitor dosages of gabapentin and kratom, particularly when you are taking the two together. Start with small dosages, and be very careful. Most users report that a dose of 300mg of gabapentin is plenty to achieve a good result and potentiate kratom effectively, and new users should start lower than this.

Higher dosages when taking gabapentin and kratom together can enhance the effects of the kratom too much, making users either too high or too sedated for the effects that they want to achieve. The dosage of kratom will affect which results users experience, while the dosage of gabapentin will affect how powerful those effects are.

Increased dosages of either gabapentin or kratom can cause increased tolerance levels to both, and it is best to avoid this as far as possible. Excessive doses of gabapentin can also lead to feelings of lethargy, so it is best to find your preferred dosage of kratom and then add a very small amount of gabapentin. Slowly increase your dosage of gabapentin until you have reached the results that you want.

Are there side effects for taking Gabapentin with Kratom?

Capsules in different colors

As long as you keep a close eye on your dosages of both gabapentin and kratom (but particularly gabapentin), and as long as both of them are pure products without any unwanted contaminants, there should be no adverse side effects. The biggest risk here is that adding gabapentin to kratom can make it easy to overdose, as increasing your gabapentin dosage can powerfully increase the effects of both.

Too much gabapentin can easily make users too sedated or too high, and anything much over 300mg of gabapentin can cause extreme lethargy. As with all drugs and supplements, overdosing on gabapentin can be extremely dangerous, and more so when combined with other drugs such as kratom.

Combining gabapentin with kratom for recreational purposes can be extremely dangerous, thanks to the potentiation caused by the gabapentin. Gabapentin should only be used with kratom for dealing with opiate withdrawal symptoms and major pain problems, such as chronic issues due to trauma, surgery, osteoarthritis, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia, or other serious conditions that require major pain relief.

Gabapentin should only ever be used medically, and never as a recreational enhancer and potentiate for other drugs and herbal supplements! Misuse of medically recognized drugs such as gabapentin can be dangerous, even when they have a range of beneficial effects like gabapentin does.

Safety note

It is very important to note that the Kratom industry is largely online and unregulated, and that you should be extremely wary when combining it with other drugs. Even if there are no known side effects for taking gabapentin with kratom, there is no guarantee that the content of your kratom powder is entirely as advertised.

With an unregulated industry like this, you always run the risk of contamination in your products, particularly with herbal supplements. While gabapentin and kratom might not have any known side effects, there might be unwanted interactions between gabapentin and whatever contaminants are in your kratom powder.


Gabapentin acts as a powerful potentiate for kratom, increasing its effects significantly. That can be a great advantage if you are suffering from major chronic pain, but kratom is already very powerful and therefore combining it with gabapentin can be dangerously strong. The effects of the two combine to cause effective pain relief results, making them a great choice for helping to manage major chronic pain conditions.

Remember, even though there is no known harmful interaction between gabapentin and kratom, taking the two together comes with risks. Overdoses are easy, and the risk of contaminants from improperly tested supplements bought online is significant, especially when combining two different ones.

While gabapentin does indeed work as a potentiate for kratom, the two should not be combined frivolously or for recreational purposes. Only use the two together for medical purposes such as pain management!

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