Indo Kratom: Types and Uses

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When you crush the leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant to powder, what you get is Kratom, a herbal powder used for herbal-medicinal, therapeutic and increasingly recreational purposes around the world.  Kratom is grown in many parts of Southeast Asia, especially in places such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Myanmar. Kratom has opioid qualities and it is advised that expert help is sought before use. Many countries such as the United States and Denmark, Malaysia and Sweden regard Kratom as a controlled substance under narcotic laws.

Kratom variants are best known by the region they grow in, and many times that also determine the uses to which they are put to.

Indo Kratom, which is Kratom grown on the islands of Indonesia is a well-known Kratom variant. Indo Kratom is further classified into Super Indo as well as Ultra Enhanced Indo. Red veined Kratom is a well known and popular Kratom strain, that is regarded generally as a very effective herbal extract or powder. Lots of other Kratom varieties have adopted the name “Indo” due to the popularity of the strain.

The Authentic Indo Kratom strains

  • Super Indo Kratom: This variety of Kratom is made from the largest leaves. Generally, the larger a leaf is, the more the alkaloids it contains. This makes Super Indo a particularly strong variety that is used for a good number of purposes.
  • Premium Indo Kratom: This strain comes about through the careful extraction of the stem of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant leaves. The result is fairly pure and filled with alkaloids. Due to the fact that Premium Indo Kratom is relatively cheap, it is quite popular. New users are often advised to try premium Indo Kratom as a first experience of Kratom.
  • Ultra-Enhanced Indo Kratom: This Kratom is made from pure Kratom powder mixed with some extract, usually in the ratio of 75:25. As a result of the dilution, Ultra-Enhanced Indo Kratom is not as potent as other pure extracts but is still very potent and powerful.
  • Extracts are made from boiling Mitragyna Speciosa leaves until they form a hard resin. This is then crushed into a powder that is many times more potent than traditional Kratom powders.

Uses of Indo Kratom

  • Stimulant: Mitragyna Speciosa plant is a species of the coffee plant, and just its better known cousin, coffee, is used as a stimulant as well as for energy. A number of users are opting for an early morning swig of Kratom instead of the usual cup of coffee. Kratom does significantly boost energy levels, however, care must be taken that the right Kratom dosages are taken for reasons of safety.
  • Mood Alteration: Kratom is effective as an anti-depressant or a mood altering substance. Many of its users use Kratom to usher in feelings of peace and well being when they feel low, depressed or sad. Kratom is also used for purely recreational purposes to give a feeling of artificial euphoria. Indo Kratom is used popularly to deal with feelings of anxiety, but users must be careful to use only the right strain for anxiety or any other use, as the wrong use or strain will worsen the condition.
  • Pain Relief: Since Kratom acts on receptors in the brain, it can be quite effective as a pain relief therapy.  People have used Kratom to deal with chronic pain, and as a remedy for withdrawal symptoms from narcotics abuse. Although there is no clear evidence that Kratom use is harmful, the FDA warns that there is no proof of Kratom capsules or other forms being safe to use. Deaths have been known through Kratom interaction with other drugs, or used alone. Other symptoms include nausea, addiction and seizures.

Despite the apparent advantages, Kratom use must be considered carefully, and in the light of new knowledge of its possible effects.

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