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Kraken Kratom is the fairly new (since 2015), online vendor for Kratom and related products that are named after the underwater monster of Greek Mythology, and like its namesake, is churning up a storm of attention owing to its distinctive approach to Kratom retail. The first thing that strikes you about Kraken Kratom is the appearance of professionalism they bring to the Kratom retail and wholesale supply and sales business. Kratom as a product has only recently come into awareness for the rest of the world, and by inference, somehow also for technology.

The website is indistinguishable from any other online vendor of said household appliances, or specialty goods. The simple, straightforward style and approach mean my time is not wasted as a customer when I visit that site. I can search for what I want, make a purchase and check it out easily and quickly.

However, I am guessing a majority of customers are willing to put up with somewhat less than perfect service if they are convinced the product is worth it. So, let’s talk about the Kratom.


Kraken Kratom offers lab tested, QC inspected grade of Kratom and Kava products. It’s easy, of course, to claim anything on a website, seeing that one has encountered vendors that are all talk and no substance, but practical experience of Kraken Kratom’s products do bear out their assertions. The Kratom is really good. It meets with the quality standards of Kratom anywhere in the world. You can immediately tell this by the rich aroma of the Kratom strains on offer.

The Kratom from Kraken Kratom will give you the effects and benefits you have come to expect from quality Kratom. Kraken Kratom is also very big on safety, and assure all customers that the Kratom you get from this vendor is safe to use.

Apart from traditional Kratom powder, the product is also offered as enhanced powders and extracts. This is not so well known and it is difficult to accurately speak to the benefits and effects of this without having tried it. As a general precaution though, enhanced Kratom can significantly raise tolerance levels, so you need to be cautious about use. Apart from traditional Kratom powder, the product is also offered as enhanced powders and extracts. This is not so well known and it is difficult to accurately speak to the benefits and effects of this without having tried it. As a general precaution though, enhanced Kratom can significantly raise tolerance levels, so you need to be cautious about use.


Kraken Kratom scores big figures in this regard. Their range extends beyond Kratom to also include Kava. So, that means something for customers who prefer kava also. The Kratom itself is presented in a variety of forms including powder, Kratom capsules, liquid extract, and tea. This means that there is something for everyone and for all manners of intake preferences. This frankly makes their product more attractive to a wider selection of people.

As far as strains of Kratom are concerned, the product at Kraken Kratom is sourced from different regions and countries, which represents a wide choice in Kratom varieties. There is on offer: Bali Kratom, Maeng Da Thai, white vein Borneo Kratom, Indo Kratom, Red Vein Thai, Super Indo, and others. Each strain, according to the site, undergoes strict quality control tests to assure of standards in customer satisfaction.

Customer Testimonials

A large number of Kraken Kratom customers score them quite high on several points:

  • Reliability: Kraken receives great endorsements regarding their reliability. This is important, particularly for Kratom customers with health related issues.
  • Product: Kraken Kratom customers largely express satisfaction with the quality and variety of the Kratom products available at the vendor site.
  • Pricing: Customers are generally happy with the prices paid for products, and often recommend the site to friends.
  • Excellence of Service: Consistently, the vendor is praised for its before, during and after sales service. Many customers expressed satisfaction with the interactions with the vendor.
  • Honesty: Kraken also has good marks for candor. It is important to trust the word of a vendor, and Kraken Kratom as a rule tries to make this a trustworthy experience for customers.


As far as price goes, Kraken Kratom is moderate. Certainly, some usually expensive strains will still cost more on the site, but nine times out of ten, you do get good deals in Kratom purchases. From time to time, prices fluctuate, sometimes for the better, so you need to be on the watch for when prices are optimal to purchase a particular strain. It is sometimes quite a chore to keep track of Kratom prices around the world, especially for particular strains. You won’t need to do so much of this with Kraken Kratom, knowing they do their best to keep prices moderate.

Ease of Purchase

Kraken Kratom has incorporated the basic features of ecommerce into the Kratom purchase business. First, it is relatively easy to find what you need through a good search feature. New offers are also displayed on the landing page, meaning some products are just a one-click purchase. This is great for folks who don’t need to browse through everything before they decide on what they want. If you have a good idea of your preference already, then you won’t be spending too much of your time on the site.

You can pay for your Kratom online using a card or by using a check if that is your inclination. Bitcoins are also an accepted mode of payment for this vendor. The checkout process is streamlined, fast, and easy to use. This is a great improvement over some of the more typical Kratom vendors, where things are a bit less automated.

Delivery and Shipping

This vendor is most enthusiastic in getting your Kratom product across to you in a timely and speedy manner. Not only do they have free shipping on all orders, (yes, all orders, and no minimum requirements), they also have a same day shipping policy. However, that affects orders placed before 2 pm. You would have to wait until the next day for your order to go out if you placed it after 2 pm. There is also a free UPS Priority 2 day delivery for orders above $199.  For many customers, Kratom serves a variety of needs, and some of those needs include a therapeutic or medicinal application. Many customers source Kratom to manage pain. It is therefore really good that the ordered purchase can be shipped out the same day, assuring the customer of quick delivery. Kraken Kratom also ships to destinations outside the USA.

Special Offers

Kraken is always putting out special offers, discounts, and other promotional pricing for their products. Sometimes there is a 20%-off discount for products. One great promotional feature is their coupon codes which you can post or share for extra points. You can get as much as 10% off your purchases from sharing Kraken Kratom’s products and offers.

After Sales Services

Kraken Kratom has a decent returns policy. Also if for any reason an error occurs with an order, they are quick to correct it once you contact them. One customer reported the mistake was corrected, and the right order resent out in 15 minutes.


Kraken Kratom is a professional and responsive Kratom retailer and wholesaler at a decent price. Their services are modern and reasonably hassle free. Their Kratom products are equally good and the varieties of both Kratom and Kava available make this vendor a good shopping destination for users and customers.

They definitely should be used when ordering your Kratom online for a speedy, smooth and quality assured delivery of products.

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