Kratom Consumer Protection Act Signed by Georgia Governor

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The ground has been shaken for advocates of Kratom across the country, with the long-awaited signature provided by Georgia Governor which endorses the Kratom Consumer Protection Act.  After a tumultuous battle at the state level across several years, there is a light at the end of the tunnel amidst the controversy and confusion provided by federal agencies the Drug Enforcement Administration along with the Food and Drug Administration.  Such federal agencies have long tried to ban buying Kratom in its entirety, claiming that the drug is harmful and has even resulted in numerous deaths.  However, claims surrounding Kratom as a cause of death have been highly disputed across the country.

Kratom Usage Across the Country

Kratom is fast becoming a consumer drug of choice, providing relief from pain as well as offering an imitation of opioids, although without the harmful addictive effects.  Kratom is legal and is available to buy and sell across many states, being available within a capsule, a tea, or an extract form, although a great level of controversy is apparent in regards to the usage of the drug.  Controversy has arisen from the apparent contamination of Kratom with salmonella, resulting in the drug being recalled across a state such as Oregon.  Some states across the country have been scaremongered into banning Kratom entirely, with six staes including Washington DC carrying out this ban.

However, other states across the country are waking up and realizing the benefits which regulating Kratom would provide to the user, in the same way in which cannabis regulation in some states has become an advantage.

The Fight to Regulate Kratom

Since 2013, a battle has ensued under the radar of middle America, courting over a hundred thousand individuals to sign a petition in addition to thousands of individuals attending protests.  The protests were in retaliation against the recommended removal of Kratom from the hands of the public, as endorsed by the FDA and the DEA.  Protests were created in order to ensure that Kratom capsules and other forms remained legal and remained accessible, although these pleas went unheard under the Obama administration, despite the public fight Keep Kratom Legal, as documented within the streamed program A Leaf of Faith.

However, the arrival of a new President and new heads of the DEA, as well as the FDA, has resulted in achievements for the advocates of the drug.  In conjunction with leading organizations the American Kratom Association and the Botanical Education Alliance, advocates of the drug fought to ensure Kratom strains remains legal but also that the drug is fully regulated so that the user is safe and knows what they are buying and consuming.

Kratom Usage in Georgia

The success of the advocates of Kratom became apparent with the passing of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act within the state of Georgia, becoming the second state to endorse such a law.  Georgia State Senators voted unanimously on a vote of 50-0.  The Governor of Georgia subsequently signed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, ensuring that the drug is fully legal across the state and provides protection to consumers in order to prevent contaminated and adulterated Kratom products.  This success follows a similar feat across Utah, which advocated an almost identical law.  Small steps are made elsewhere, also, such as within Oregon which has recently enabled full regulation of Kratom.

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