Kratom Extract vs Powder

Kratom Powder vs Extracts The Facts

Herbs have since long been a source of cure for mankind and are still regarded as natural means for the medicine manufacturers and users to either boost their immunity against diseases effectively or eradicate a particular disease.

The most notable thing about the herbal origin medicines in the modern day is the fact that they are believed to not have side effects or very negligible of them. This is also the most important aspect of the herbal medicines since the conventional and chemically produced medicines are prone to be heavily plagued with side effects and disadvantages.

Many users of chemically produced and unnatural medicines complain that they got ill with much more severe ailments after taking medicine to cure one. This is a grave dilemma since the pain of the disease is unbearable for the people making them choose high risk bearing medicines that have side effects and hence cause long-lasting complications to them.

Eden Space offer 100% pure Kratom products that are free from all kinds of side effects and though the Kratom products whether they are a red vein or white vein, Bali or Thai require care in their consumption, are free from unwanted side effects. Kratom has been used historically as a very successful effective nerve agent that soothes pain and also cures people suffering from skeletal disorders. It has also been known to be an energy booster for a much better immunity against common diseases and also a source of increasing the sexual performance.

Kratom is still used by patients suffering from mental stress to bring comfort to themselves and also by people who suffer from chronic pains. Eden Space promise the provision of pure and high quality Kratom products to their customers who can buy them from the comfort of their homes by simply booking their order online and adding their desired products to their carts. These products are also shipped to their homes for free thus becoming an even more attractive option for the customers.

Eden Space provide Kratom products in various different forms and while these can either be capsules or powder or extracts, it is important for the customers to develop their know how about the different characteristics of these forms.

The Differences – Kratom Extracts vs Kratom Powder

Extracts are the derivatives of herbs and other plants that can either be in the form of a liquid or crushed residue that has been obtained from the source herb or plant.

As commonly practiced, extracts are not the whole derivatives of the source but only a selected component of them. This means that while harvesting extracts from a herb, it is first processed through some sort of mechanical activity that separates the extract from the source and then filters only the desired element from the whole. On the other hand, the powders obtained from various herbs are mostly whole which means that they contain all the elements original to the herb when raw. There are various characteristics of extracts and powders of herbs that are detailed below:

Concentrated Solutions

Most commonly, extracts are in the form of liquids that are obtained through squeezing of the source herbs. It is understood that the basic requirement for extraction of a liquid solution from a herb is that it has moisture in it. While basically all kinds of herbal solutions are primarily water, there are various different elements that are found in it that result in its characterization as a recognizable medical solution. Extracts that are obtained from the source and not tampered with in any way are highly concentrated as they are yet to be diluted.

These extracts can hence be expected to carry an immense value of nutrition that they are characterized as having. This also means that the user can increase the quantity of the solution through diluting the concentrated solution by adding any supporting solvent like pure water.

The customers of pure extracts in liquid for particularly can expect to get great value for their money as they can use either a very highly potent low quantity solution or a high quantity liquid. Powders, on the other hand, do not necessarily have to be highly concentrated as when they are ground, a fair bit of air is also mixed in it.



The liquid extracts obtained from herbs are very soluble in nature due to their ionic structure and hence they are very easily absorbed. This implies that the liquid poured either on the skin or hair are easily applied and get absorbed very easily. This is particularly beneficial in the matter of the herbal extracts that are used for application on the body.

These may include the liquids that are used for dealing with burnt skin and allergies as well as body dryness. Another benefit that the extracted liquids have is that they can be absorbed through the skin and reach the inner parts of the body to work their action. On the other hand, the powder obtained from herbs such as the Kratom powder does not offer this facility as it does not get absorbed.

In the same manner, in order to become soluble, Kratom powder has to be mixed with water that can change its characteristics. Eden Space hence offers Kratom liquid extract solutions that can be used for their benefits.


Solutions in the liquid form are easy to digest even in their raw form as the consumer does not have to mix it with another element in ingesting and then digest it. Understandably, the powder does not go down the throat very easily and based on the different kinds of Kratom that may either be a white vein, red vein, Bali original or Thai original there can be different side effects on the throat region like irritation and even burning sensation in the throat.

However, it is possible to ingest powder Kratom by either mixing it in water first or gulping it down with water. Digestion is also supported by the presence of water, however, the mixing of water changes the chemical properties of the powder Kratom significantly.



The potency of any extract is dependent on the factors like the purity of the element that has been extracted and if the extract gets mixed with a lot of impurities and unnatural components then the potency of that particular solution deteriorates a great deal.

Liquid solutions and powdered extracts can both be high or low in their potency depending on the sole fact that how much additives have been included in them to increase the quantity. Powder extracts are potent when these are ground from raw herbs that have been obtained by natural means and in the same manner the solution extracts can be considered potent when there has not been added water or any other liquid into the pure solution.

It is however many a times practiced that the liquid solutions are mixed with liquid additives that increase the quantity of the material while reducing the quality of the solution.



Since the use of either the powder or liquid extracts of the Kratom is done for medicinal purposes it is important to know what the implications of these different kinds of Kratom are on the dosage.

Liquids, as mentioned above, are easy to ingest as they can be consumed either raw or in support with water. It is also worth mentioning here that the liquid extract of Kratom can be carried along with the consumer with great ease. These are available with Eden Space in the shape of small bottles that have removable lids. The dose that consumers can use is also easy to recognize when the Kratom extract is available in liquid form since the consumer can simply open the lid of the bottle and pour it in the glass, mouth or the palm if it is meant for application on the body.

On the other hand, it is slightly difficult to carry powder extracts along as it is fairly easy for the powder to disperse in the air and also to get spilled if carelessly dealt with. However, it is equally easy to estimate the dosage of powder Kratom owing to the fact that the powder can either be consumed with the help of a spoon or if purchased in that form also comes as capsules that make it even easier for the consumer to use the powder Kratom without under or overdosage.


Safeguard from Moisture

If there is one thing that the Kratom consumers have to make sure to avoid in all circumstances is that they must never allow moisture to penetrate the powder Kratom.

Eden Space provide capsule enclosed Kratom powder that gives an extra advantage of not having to worry about the moisture that can spoil the quality of Kratom powder by reducing its potency and its aroma. The powder is also very highly vulnerable to form clots in the presence of moisture and the whole material becomes unusable as a consequence, this is certainly not something that can be expected from a liquid Kratom extract.

The liquid Kratom provided by Kratom masters is of the highest quality and the fact that it is already in fluid form saves it from getting affected by moisture or unwanted intruding water. It is, however, recommendable that the powder Kratom is stored in a cool and dry place while pouring it into a plastic bag that is airtight.


Shelf Life

While most physicians and herbal practitioners would endorse the use of powder Kratom due to the fact that it is free from various different additives and contains whole Kratom extract, it is beyond doubt that the shelf life of the powder Kratom may not be very long because of its vulnerability to an unsuitable environment.

Many people place their powder into the refrigerator that may seem like a good idea but in the summer seasons when the cooling power of the refrigerators gives out, moisture starts getting created in it that can spoil the powder. In the same manner, the sensitivity of this form of Kratom disables it from coming in contact with oxygen too as the exposure to oxygen too much can cause the powder to develop viruses and bacteria that would not be nearly ideal.

On the other hand, the liquid solutions have a very long shelf life as they once placed in tightly lid containers do not witness any challenges from moisture or bacteria.



The taste of the two different kinds of Kratom whether it is in the form of a powder or liquid is not as such different as both these kinds are after all extracts of the same source.

The consumers of Kratom however always find it hard to swallow the powder and even if it is mixed with water, odds are that it would still stick around in the throat and the oral cavity hence exposing the user to the unpleasant taste of the Kratom. While the taste of different kinds of Kratom whether a red vein or white vein or the one originating from Bali or another with Thai origin may be different, it tastes essentially the same and that is more on the bitter side.

The liquid solution extract of Kratom promises to be easily ingested as it quickly flows down the throat without sticking in the oral cavity or the throat region thus exposing the consumer with the taste of the Kratom less.

Eden Space promise high quality for both the liquid and powder extracts as their products and offer a vast variety in their products. The benefits of various different kinds of Kratom may vary and hence it is important that the consumers develop some primary understanding about these different forms.

Eden Space offer valued customers an opportunity to shop their required and desired products online by simply adding them to their online cart and the products are then shipped to their homes where they can make the payment once receiving the product. Eden Space put the quality of the products and their purity next to nothing.

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