Kratom Tea Review


Kratom tea is a made using kratom tree leaves, a tree native to Southeast Asia. The leaves have been used for hundreds of years by local as a stimulant and as a sedative. Traditionally, the Southeast Asia local chewed the leaves in straight from the tree. However, for an emissive and easier experience, the leaves were dried and used to make tea. As such, in the West, our introduction to kratom has been in the format of traditional tea.

In small doses, the tea produces a stimulating effect, albeit a mild one. However, when consumed in large doses, the tea yields a sedative effect; an experience that has been likened to taking an opioid-based painkiller. However, owing to its natural origins, many people are turning to this traditional alternative medicine to deal will enduring pain, rather than consuming synthetic pharmaceutical drugs that obviously yield far-reaching negative side-effects.

Owing to the characteristics of the tea’s side effects, it is used an alternative treatment option for pain, depression, and anxiety. However, it is also used for other purposes such as improving one’s mood, heightening sexual performance, and enhancing one’s endurance during exercises.

Preparing Kratom Tea

On its own, the tea is not that good tasting. As such, many people have it far better to mix the kratom powder with regular old green or black tea, which makes it far more palatable. Furthermore, it is common to add honey, sugar, cinnamon, lemon, and other additives to enhance the tea’s taste.

When it comes to preparation, the key is to simmer the tea rather than boiling it. At boiling temperatures, there is a possibility of destroying the alkaloids, making the kratom useless. This is especially true when you let the tea boil for a long time.

As such, if you must add the kratom powder into the teapot during the cooking phase, eyeball your tea to ensure it only simmers and does not boil. Alternatively, you can boil all the other ingredients in the tea pot, pour your kratom powder into your tea cup and add the boiled ingredients. Thereafter, allow the tea to cool down for 2 to 5 minutes and then drink it whilst still warm.

Typical Dosages Safety Precautions To Have In Mind

Research has been conducted which suggests that taking large dosages of kratom tea has the potential to ill-effects on partakers. As mentioned in the section above that discusses the negative side-effects of taking large doses, there is a potential to harm yourself if you misuse the herb.

As such, it is important that you taper the dosages as much as possible, only consuming a dose enough to achieve pain, anxiety, and or depression relief. If you are new to taking kratom tea, start off by taking the smallest dosage possible. As such, use no more than 2 gram of the herb whist preparing the tea. This amount will yield mile effects. Over time you can increase the dosage to 2-3 grams, where you will get moderate effects. Finally, after you are comfortable with the side effects, you can increase the dosage to 15 grams.

Typically, you should not exceed this dosage. Furthermore, never exceed your tolerance, as low as it may be.

Side Effects

The side effects that you experience from drinking the tea is highly dependent on the amount of kratom powder you use to make your tea. In other words, it depends on the dose you opt for. As mentioned above, in smaller doses, kratom is a stimulant. However, in larger doses, the herb will yield sedative side effects.

However, when the herb is abused, it has the potential to yield adverse side effects. Below we will delve into the positive side effects that you get when you use kratom in the right way as well as the potential negative side effects you get when you abuse the herb.

#1. Positive Side Effects

Pain Relief – Users have found kratom to have excellent pain relief properties, without yielding some the negative side effects of pharmaceutical pain meds. As such people use the tea to treat headaches, arthritic pain, vascular pain, and much more.

Relaxation – In relatively larger doses, kratom will yield a sedative effect, calming your down and doing away with the physical tension you may have

Sleep Improvement – Owing to relaxing effects, people who find it difficult to have a good night sleep can benefit from taking kratom before sleeping. It relaxes you and enhances your sleep quality.

Stimulation – When used in small amounts, kratom will act as a stimulant, increasing your alertness and concentration.

#2. Negative Side Effects

Potential negative side effects ( include vomiting, nausea, dizziness, constipation, sweating, dry mouth, slowed breathing, seizures, stomach upset, insomnia, and much more.

Sourcing Kratom

Kratom can be sourced from some local natural food stores as a dried herb. However, owing to the misconceptions that the herb has attracted, you might find that your local herb store does not stock this herb.

With this in mind, the best option to purchase kratom is through online stores that specialize in supplying kratom. Importantly, online sources give users numerous options in as far as purchasing the herb is concerned. In this regard, the competition therein enables users to get the deal possible. That being said, it is important to note that the FDA does not monitor the purity of the herb.

As such, the onus is upon the user to ensure that they source their kratom herb from genuine and trustworthy suppliers. Doing this will negate the possibility of purchasing kratom herb that has been laced with other drugs such as hydrocodone, as it has been noted in several cases.

Legal Status

Due to some people abusing kratom tea, it has been banned in some countries in the West. However, in the United States, kratom is legal. The FDA has classified it as an alternative medicine and, therefore, it remains unregulated. Furthermore, while the DEA wanted to classify kratom as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, they did not go through with their intentions, following widespread backlash from both the lawmakers and the public. That being said, you should note that as more scientific studies are conducted, this may change. As such, always make a point of staying current with regards to the legality of this herb.

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