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Kwik Kratom

Like a lot of recreational substances, it’s easy to end up buying Kratom that’s padded out with something dangerous or laced with another chemical, especially from shadier dealers and less-reputable sources. Thankfully, there are quite a few sites and businesses that keep everything above board, but you need to know where to look before you can buy from them.

Kwik Kratom is one of the more long-lived Kratom vendor sites on the internet these days, and it’s built up quite a good reputation over the years despite it being a relatively low-key and not very well promoted seller. After rebranding as Kiwk Botanicals in 2016 – which was a troubling year for Kratom in a legal way – they’ve undergone quite a few changes, and at first glance, you might not even realize they’re the same company.

Of course, before you buy anything, there’s one question that really needs to be answers – how legit is it?

The site’s history

Although the design of their site changed drastically during the rebranding process, Kwik Kratom is still very much alive, just under a new shell. The original site, first founded in 2014, had a surprisingly good reputation among Kratom users from all corners of the internet, and there isn’t any major news stories or articles calling them out for any poor or questionable practices – a good sign for any kind of site, especially ones selling therapeutic substances like this.

Transparency and honesty are essential when it comes to a lot of drug vendors and substance sellers since the risks are much higher than with most other products like capsules. Not knowing where your purchase is coming from, or even where it was grown, can be one of the most worrying parts of buying from sites like this. Unfortunately, Kwik Botanicals doesn’t offer much reassurance directly: there’s no long page on the site’s history or any proof that they do things ethically, which can be a turn-off for more paranoid visors.

However, like with many things, the devil is in the detail – the site has features like a membership system, out-of-stock notices and copyright markers are things that scam sites often completely forget to add in (or are simply too basic to implement correctly), which is a nice nudge towards legitimacy.

On your first visit, you might be confused by the fact that there’s no Kratom there, with most of their products being various types of tea or Matcha. This is where the membership system comes in – with Kratom on the receiving end of a lot of legal inquiries and regulations, the site requires visitors to have a registered account before they can view any of it, even the lowest-priced products. Depending on how you feel about this, it can either be a sign of a legitimate business or a data-gathering scammer.

Products and Prices

Kwik Botanicals has a fairly standard product line, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are as many strong strains (like Green Malay) as there are weaker ones (Maeng Da), but there’s no indication of the quality of their products – some users have raised concerns over the fact that their products don’t look or feel like “real” Kratom, and there may be some truth to that considering that their prices are surprisingly low. Four ounces of a cheaper leaf can come to a mere $7.99, which is scarily low compared to the prices set by much larger vendors.

Anybody who’s used the internet for a lot of online purchases should know that scams generally have incredibly high or incredibly low prices. While I’m not calling Kwik Botanicals a scam, especially not considering they’ve been operating for years, it’s important to remember that low prices generally mean lower quality, and there’s only so low you can drop the price before the product has to be padded out with other substances or sold in smaller batches.

It is reasonable to assume that a lot of the site’s customers come from its reputation as a good vendor, and this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing on its own – but it’s compounded by a few more issues that really drag it down in the long term.

The product quality may not be the only area it falls short in, according to certain internet reviews and customer statements:

The Internet’s Opinions

Ironically, one of the most mundane problems brought up regularly is that Kiwk Botanicals isn’t as quick as you might expect, with shipping taking a long time for even small amounts of powdered Kratom. Unfortunately, the customer service is also questionable, with some Kratom users running into problems where they have receive the wrong product, and ask for a replacement or other product as compensation, and receive the wrong product again, even if they ordered the same thing twice.

Some people have stated that their complaints were outright ignored, or responded to and dismissed immediately, while others have complained about the random dips and spikes in quality in a single product across the different batches they use – sometimes, a product will simply be worse than normal for no explained reason.

On the other hand, there is quite a lot of positivity behind the site, with some users holding opposite opinions: they have been repeatedly praised for their fast shipping and excellent customer service, even from users who have been repeating customers for over a year. At least one reviewer has even explained that some of their Kratom has allowed them to overcome chronic pain for over ten hours on a single dose, so it is clear that their products are still legitimate.


Kwik Botanicals (or Kiwk Kratom, if you prefer their older name) is definitely a mixed bag, and not in a good way. While you could definitely buy from them a receive the right product with no problems, there is also a high chance that something will go wrong, and that can be a dangerous prospect in the Kratom business, as well as drug and therapeutic substance businesses in general.

A lot of important information is withheld from their users, even those with accounts, and there seems to be an over-reliance on their branding and reputation that feels slightly shady, especially considering they rebranded – while this is understandable, especially considering the political climate at the time, there is nothing that links back to their old business name, not even on the about page – almost like they tried to start again and leave any negative press or reviews obsolete.

It is up to you if you still want to buy Kratom from Kwik Botanicals, and it is entirely possible that you will have a good experience every time, but it is still a risk that you shouldn’t take unless you are absolutely sure you want to. There are hundreds of places to buy Kratom online these days, and it’s your choice whether Kwik Botanicals is one of them.

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