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Li Herbals are a popular kratom vendor, who have been selling their kratom products in New York for quite some time. Since 2015 they have been functioning kratom vendors, with a wide range of products to users online. With a simple Google search, customers can find themselves on the Li Herbals website where they are greeted by a selection of the best quality herbal products on the market.

Not only are they the best quality products, but they are sold at some of the best prices too. As little as $3.50 can get you 30 grams, and the prices are even lower in bulk, with a kilogram going for approximately $70. This doesn’t impact the quality of the products either. It seems that Li Herbals simply have the customers beat interests at heart.

What products are available?

Lih Herbal Capsules

Li Herbals offer a wide range of products at low prices. If you are a kratom lover, or you’re looking to make your first purchase, it can be said that Li Herbals offer great variety and a high standard of quality across their kratom range. Other vendors tend not to offer so much while maintaining high quality, so this is a good sign.

One of the most popular strains of kratom on the market is Green Kali. The undeniable popularity of Green Kali can be seen across the entire kratom industry and other vendors, so it is no surprise that Li Herbals manage to sell it more than anything else. It is reportedly the most quickly sold strain at Li Herbals because of its longevity as well as it’s notable effects.

Unlike many strains of kratom which make the user feel more relaxed, Green Kali has an energising effect on its users, who often treat it as a little boost in their day. The impact that it has on a kratom experience is undeniable, and Li Herbals Green Kali is as good as any brand.

Li Herbals primarily market themselves as a herbal tea brand, and that is how most of their products are consumed. The prices vary between each kratom strain, but some of their products have been given a very high quality review. This includes their herbal teas, such as Bent Matcha and Red Matcha.

Matcha tea has enjoyed a lot of popularity in recent times, and herbal kratom teas are enjoying it to. The natural properties that matcha offers as a herbal tea have drawn a lot of attention. Li Herbals Bent Matcha contains vitamins and antioxidants which are good for your body, while the Li Herbals Red Matcha has properties which are supposed to reduce bacteria and therefore keep us healthy.

As a vendor, Li Herbals offers a wide range of products, but these two examples of herbal teas have seen some particularly positive reviews in posts online. The kratom vendor also produces herbal matcha teas using other strains of white, green and red kratom. As a result, there are plenty of options for the user to choose from if they are looking to purchase high quality herbal teas.

How to shop at Li Herbals?

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Li herbals sell their kratom based products through their online store. A simple search for their website should help any user find their way to the shooping page, as well as plenty of posts and reviews on social media platforms. If you have time to read through some reviews, it is well worth the experience, as you will have a better understanding of what Li Herbals offer and how good their standard of kratom and customer service really is.

If you wish to buy their herbal products online, you’ll find it is relatively easy. Their shopping page lists all the kratom strains and items available, as well as the prices for each. The cost of each item is very reasonable too, as you can buy quantities ranging from a 30 gram pack of match tea to a full kilogram. Those two items would cost $5 and $75 respectively, so you can tell that these are a varied vendor with a range of options.

As well as price and quantity, the stuff they sell can change too. A look on their website might find some items out of stock but this changes frequently. They also sell all of their herbal teas in different flavors too, and you can pick your favourite kratom strain to go with it. If you prefer red kratom leaves, you can be sure to find it in a different item which you can purchase from this same vendor.

They don’t just sell herbal teas though. In fact, the Li Herbals vendor offers lemongrass and various other natural items available on the online store. In order to see a review for each product you will have to log in, but you will need this log in to make any purchases anyway. Every time you log on to their website, the vendor could have something else in stock, so it is worth checking again if there are times when you miss out on what you want.

Li Herbals Vendor Service

Provided you live in the United States of America, Li Herbals could easily become your most reliable vendor of kratom and herbal tea. Their pricing is consistent and affordable, and they constantly receive positive feedback through posts on social media.

If you would be interested in seeing this, there are plenty of posts on Reddit, and posts on some other social media pages too. It is important you live in the United States however, because of the shipping regulations entailed with purchasing their goods.


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Li Herbals only ships their items through the United States as they are a New York based vendor and, we assume, there will be obstacles involved with shipping kratom overseas. However, if you are able to have their items delivered, they do so in a reliable manner and you will remain fully informed of the whereabouts of your package. They manage to do this by sending the user a tracker. This means that they can track where their product is on its journey as it travels towards their home.

The time it takes for a shipment to take place depends entirely on the time at which the customer chooses to place the order. The vendor states that on working days, between Monday and Friday, any orders placed before 12 pm will be shipped on the same day.

If an order is placed after this time, it will be sent out the following day. Any orders placed over the weekend, or after 3 pm on a Friday, get sent on the Monday of the following week. All of these times are EST.

All kratom deliveries from this vendor are delivered across the United States by USPS, so the time it takes for your parcel to arrive is down to them. However, the cost of the shipping can be decided by Li Herbals and the price varies depending on the size of the purchase.

Although the cost may seem low for a lot of the items on their website, the postage and packaging could make a difference. You can purchase up to 32.5 kg of kratom items from Li Herbal, and the shipping cost can range from $3.11 to $19.25, depending on the quantity.

Customer service

As well as offering good kratom items at good prices, Li Herbals also have a good record of customer service and plenty of offers are available to their customers. If you wish to buy anything from Li Herbals, you will have to make an account on their website. Understandably, a lot of people find this to be a pain, but it is quick and easy to do and it can can give you better deals.

Often, Li Herbals might choose to offer discounts to their customers when they register, as well as free coupons as they continue to shop with them. If that isn’t enough for you, they even have free giveaways.

On occasion, a free giveaway might let you try out a new herbal item without having to pay for a large quantity. Generally, if you request a free sample, they can’t offer it out that easily, but they appreciate you asking and will do their best to help if they have any sample packs in stock.

At the current time, Li Herbals only accept paypal and credit card payments for their stock. However, this is pretty normal for vendor websites and most people can use one of these payment methods, so it isn’t much of an issue.

Overall, as well as a good range of high quality herbal teas, Li Herbals can provide good customer service, reliable shipping and very affordable prices. If you are interested at all in buying kratom items and trying new herbal teas in the United States, it is worth checking out some reviews and giving this site a try.

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