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Kratom has become increasingly popular over the last few years, no doubt due to its safe and relaxing effects that can be useful in a huge range of different situations. You can buy it from dozens of sites and stores in a huge variety of different strains and refined styles, but the market is big enough to attract just as many shady vendors as legitimate ones, especially since there’s money to be made.

Finding the right vendor is an important part of making your Kratom experience as safe, enjoyable and effective as possible, especially in countries or states where it is heavily regulated, and legitimate vendors are hard to come by. Kratom is still a drug, and a tainted or poor-quality batch can still be dangerous to use, especially if it has been secretly mixed in with something cheaper to pad it out more.

There are only a handful of effective ways that you can take Kratom, and they are all fairly straightforward: oral tablets and powders are the most common, but you will sometimes find people using oil extracts or even chewing on the raw leaves like tobacco, and rarely even trying to smoke it. As such, a lot of vendors focus on one specific form of Kratom, making it harder to find local sellers who can provide a wider range of products.

Moon Kratom is one of the exceptions, claiming that it can provide a wide range of different Kratom strains and types, importing the raw leaves directly from Southeast Asia and processing it into a full catalog of products.

But is it legitimate, or should you avoid it like the plague? The only way to find out is to try and judge the site for ourselves, so let’s start with the reviews.

Customer Reviews and Opinions

While it is possible to falsify customer reviews on either side (positive ones as a business owner, or negative ones as a competitor), this is actually surprisingly rare, even on the vendor’s own site. Most of the easy-to-find reviews are relatively positive, with customers praising things like the good customer service and product quality, as well as a few stating that they will happily be repeat customers with Moon Kratom.

Reviews that mention the products themselves are also positive, talking about how the texture and effects of the Kratom were anywhere from good to excellent – it is reasonable to assume that most of these reviews were left by previous Kratom users, so this seems to hint that Moon Kratom is definitely above average in terms of quality.

Price isn’t mentioned as often, but it’s also getting a lot of praise, even on sites like Reddit where criticism is easy to find and rarely censored.

Product List

A vendor is only as good as the products it sells, and Moon Kratom has a lot of them but doesn’t flood its catalog with a lot of different bundles and sub-types. This makes it really easy to navigate, and cuts its entire stock down to a single page rather than spreading it out, so first-time buyers won’t be overwhelmed with a torrent of products that they do not understand and don’t want. Each product is available in a variety of sizes: for example, the powers can be bought in packs of one-hundred grams, five-hundred grams, or one kilogram.

Their overall product list, as of writing this, contains:

In addition, they sell a snazzy snapback cap – while this might not seem like much at first, it is actually a great point in its favor when it comes to legitimacy, since it would be such a bizarre product for a scammer or shady seller to stock if they were trying to earn as much money as possible no matter what. It also shows that Moon Kratom has a large enough presence and customer base to justify selling merchandise.

Most Popular Products

After sorting their product page by ‘most popular,’ it’s clear that Maeng Da, Red Bali and Green Indonesian are their three most desired products, and are all billed as being fresh and organic, as are most of their other powders. These are three types that seem to be sold quite often by other vendors, so this may simply be due to those particular types being more popular in general.


Price is an important part of any purchase, but it can also be a great indicator of the product’s quality, especially if it is far below the expected amount. The inverse isn’t always true – higher costs don’t always translate to a better product, and many scammers are keen to use that idea to sell normal Kratom at extremely high prices in the hopes of earning a lot of money without having to spend much money.

Moon Kratom’s prices are lower than average, especially considering when you realize that most of their products are sold at a minimum size of one-hundred grams, and they often run sales that apply to almost every product in their inventory. The liquid extract has a wider price range than their powder since it uses different measurements, but everything else seems to more or less consistent, and there isn’t any price bias towards a particular strain of Kratom unlike with other sites.

It is a common worry that lower prices will lead to a worse-quality product, and this can often be the case, but it seems like Moon Kratom are trying to balance the two – while you won’t be able to buy a large amount of Kratom for pocket change, they are still much cheaper than many other vendors, and the quality is still high compared to the numerous independent vendors and sellers that might set their prices at a similar rate.

Deals and Price Reductions

Although it is no longer advertised directly on the site, presumably due to layout or content changes at some point, the company used to allow you to purchase gift certificates for their side – these are still available on services like Giftly, so it can be assumed that the company is still issuing them in some form. While this could seem like another scam trap at first, the amount of legal work required to create valid gift certificates on gift-buying sites would be far too much for a scammer to bother with, especially since it could be traced back to them if they were discovered.

Sales seem to be a regular occurrence on most of its products, although it is not clear how much this reduces the price by since the site doesn’t show the original price as well as the reduced price. Either way, they’re still likely to be cheaper than many other large vendors, but it is always good to check just in case – you never know when the price might suddenly increase again.

User Features

Moon Kratom has a standard shopping cart system. However, these items are persistent, so you can keep them in the cart for later and purchase them whenever you feel ready, which is an incredibly helpful feature for people who often forget exactly which type of Kratom they have been using. The site is easy to navigate and doesn’t hide any pages from the user, putting as much information as possible within your reach on any given page.

Their returns policy allows for damaged product or unopened purchases, although you’ll still need to pay a $4.50 refund fee or a varying return/shipping fee depending on the situation. They also (understandably) won’t accept items that you have damaged or tainted yourself, and maintain that all sales are final once you open the product since it wouldn’t be safe for them to re-sell any Kratom that a customer has had direct access to.

The shipping fees for deliveries vary, since Moon Kratom actually does something quite nice with it – you pay the shipping costs for them, rather than having to pay a flat rate that might be more than the shipping actually costs. This usually results in a much lower shipping fee, especially if you are near to their main office in Austin, Texas, and ensures that you won’t be stuck with a flat shipping rate. While this does mean that larger orders will cost more, they will try to reduce it as much as possible by packaging together as many of the items as they can.

The site’s account system is difficult to access since the only links to the login page are on the review sections of each product, but this may simply be a design oversight.

Site quality

The one thing that still hadn’t been decided yet it whether or not the site is actually legitimate and legal since most of the buzzwords and claims here could be made without anything to back it up. However, Moon Kratom’s site is surprisingly simple and efficient – although the design might look basic at first, there is only a single pop-up ad (which advertises their own sale, and is built into the site directly, making it completely excusable from a security standpoint) and a handful of different pages, all of which are easy to access and don’t contain any shady buttons or links.

The only downside is the product descriptions – they’re quite lackluster, and it can be difficult to really understand what the product is. A brand new Kratom user won’t be able to tell why Red Bali is different from Yellow Thai, and most of the description is copy/pasted into a single block of text. Some even have (what appears to be) a review or comment form built into them for some reason, with no indication of what it actually does.

Final Judgement

Moon Kratom seems like a legitimate vendor in every way except some of its site’s features, mainly the reviews section, account system, and product descriptions. Other than that, opinions are generally positive, and they seem to have a reasonably good reputation online, with only a few hiccups from individual users who’ve struggled to get the expected effects from some of their products and Kratom strains.

Overall, they seem like a good online Kratom vendor, although you should still make sure you know what you’re doing and what alternatives there are before you make a decision. If you’re entirely new to buying Kratom, you should also be aware of which types might be best for you, since certain strains and dosage types are more powerful or longer-lasting than others.

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