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Phytoextractum is a kratom (mitragyna speciosa) vendor that’s been around for well over a decade, and its name has definitely garnered some fame in certain places. Surprisingly, despite all the new companies cropping up to sell the same products, they’re still in business and shipping out their kratom extracts on a regular basis – but are they still worth using now that the market has evolved? And, more importantly, have the reviews from the start of its life become irrelevant, or is it still the same company as it used to be, products and all?

Their name, phyto extractum, means “plant extract” or “to exact from plants”, which is fitting considering that they produce all kinds of kratom powder from a variety of different veins and strains.

Their Quality

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Making sure that you get good quality kratom is incredibly important, and you’ll want to make sure that you’re not getting something tainted or mixed with questionable substances or padded out with lower-quality extracts.

Phytoextractum sell quite a wide range of kratom, and most of it is actually surprisingly good, which is backed up by all the positive review articles and comments that mention the products they actually ship.

Different people will prefer different mitragyna speciosa strains, of course, so each individual customer can’t predict exactly which ones they’ll like versus which ones they won’t.

Despite this, all of their kratom products are good quality, even if they’re a very fine powder. In fact, their kratom powder is the most popular type of product they sell, for a good reason. There are dozens of types of mitragyna speciosa you could buy, but all of them seem more or less the same quality, according to reviews.

Their Products

Phytoextractum Products

Phytoextractum has quite an extensive product line for such an old company, which proves that the vendor has been adding to its stock and updating anything it can – a good sign, considering that they could just have easily ignored any kind of expansion and relied on their brand name alone.

There’s plenty of mitragyna speciosa types to choose from here: even just in terms of Borneo, you have white vein Borneo kratom, red vein Borneo kratom, green vein Borneo kratom, and so on. That’s only a single type, but they stock multiple different varieties to give customers more choice. Of course, you also get things like maeng da and other popular strain types, with the vein Borneo kratom being one example.

This variety of products is a good thing – combined with their decade of life so far, it means that you can easily get a mixture of both old and new types of kratom, with the classics being available right alongside the flashy new strains that have shaken the market up since then.

Purchasing the Kratom

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Actually buying the kratom is also important. A good company will make sure that their customers can use their service properly, and won’t need to work around limitations to purchase any products. In the case of Phytoextractum , they’ve tried to make the process as smooth as possible.

Unfortunately, their website is still quite old and out-of-date, but they’ve updated it with new products regularly and tried their best to make the service easier to use. It’s simply a case of not wanting to change the design too much, which is understandable given that the company is quite well known and has a lot of dedicated customers.

The Phytoextractum site isn’t that bad, just a bit clunky. Since they’ve been updating it regularly, you can still use a range of payment options, including fairly modern and recent ones. In fact, one of the main benefits of using Phytoextractum is their great product payment processor, which is much more secure and straightforward than the ones used by your average kratom vendor.


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Once you’ve bought the kratom, it’s time to think about shipping. Phytoextractum’s prices are fairly good, and you get free shipping on almost any order as long as you’re buying something substantial. If you want overnight shipping, you can do it for an extra $150, whereas priority shipping is $75.

This is perfect for larger amounts, but don’t worry about it for smaller purchases. The shipping time on small amounts of kratom powder is negligible most of the time, so it’s not as serious of an issue.

Unlike many companies that sell mitragyna speciosa for various reasons, Phytoextractum also have fairly regular discounts. This is surprising, since kratom companies don’t usually offer that kind of service to customers, even if they are a real company that would do it for an in-person store. Sometimes, these discounts might even apply to the shipping, although not all the time.

Other Products

Mitragyna speciosa strains aren’t their only products. Phytoextractum also sell things like supplements, oils, herbal teas, standalone herbs and even incense. These aren’t necessarily meant to be used alongside the kratom, but they can be, depending on what you prefer and the kind of atmosphere you like while using it. The same shipping time limits and rules apply to these products, too , so treat them like a kratom powder product in that regard.

Still, most people will visit the Phytoextractum site for the kratom powder, so don’t be afraid to go searching for it. If you happen to find another product that you like, feel free to pick it up – it’ll be of the same quality as their mitragyna speciosa strains.

Customer Service

Good customer service makes a massive difference, and Phytoextractum seem to understand that whenever somebody needs to complain or ask about an issue with their mitragyna speciosa products. While the site itself is outdated, actually contacting the customer service team is fairly straightforward, and most customers won’t need to wait very long for a response.

Remember that the Phytoextractum employees probably know quite a lot about mitragyna speciosa, too. If you have genuine questions, they’ll do their best to answer them, which can help you avoid leaving a bad review if you just happen to get something wrong.

If your kratom powder hasn’t been delivered or you’ve been given the wrong mitragyna speciosa product, all you need to do is contact them. The fact that so few reviews mention problems on the customers’ end implies that they solve problems fairly well, and often.

Are They Worth Buying From?

Each mitragyna speciosa product sold by the company is clearly as high-quality as they could manage, including the simple kratom powder. In fact, the popularity of this kratom powder suggests that it may even be better than the average standard from other sites, which makes Phytoextractum a tempting place to buy it.

Not only that, but many customers have left very positive reviews: some only talk about the kratom powder and the various other kratom items they’ve received, but others talk about Phytoextractum itself: in most cases, these reviews have very little bad to say, other than pointing out the dated and slightly clunky site.

If you’re looking for a place to buy kratom powder, read some reviews on kratom types, or just explore the options available to you as a new or long-time kratom user, Phytoextractum may be the ideal place to do it.

So far, it seems like Phytoextractum is a great place to get kratom powder and other related products, and the various Phytoextractum reviews lying around the internet don’t lie. If you end up buying from them, be sure to leave reviews of your own about your experiences – it always helps to get more information about whether or not the older reviews still hold true.

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