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In recent years, the marketplace for herbal supplements from online vendors has been dominated by many different strains of kratom. This herb is growing increasingly popular as more users discover the health benefits and advantages of kratom, and as more different countries legalize these popular products.

Kratom is made from the dried, powdered leaves of the mitragyna speciosa tree, grown in a number of places across south-east Asia but nowhere else in the world. It has been used in traditional local medicine for centuries, but kratom products have only reached western vendors in recent years.

Many people have discovered kratom products through enthusiastic Reddit posts or posts on other websites from users who have tried this product and loved it enough to want to post about it. But just reading Reddit posts isn’t enough information to ensure that you buy high-quality products safely, as anyone can say whatever they like in a Reddit post with no need for truthfulness and detail in their posts. Even the most detailed post is unlikely to give you all the information you might want from such a review post, so you’re likely to have to do some of your own research into online vendors, which can take up a lot of time.

Fortunately, we’ve extensively researched precious mitre in order to put together our review of this online vendor, saving you a great deal of time and effort. So, is our review of precious mitre positive, or is this a questionable site to avoid? Read our precious mitre review below in order to find out everything you might need to know in our review!

What is Precious Mitre?

Precious Mitre is one of the most reliable and well liked kratom vendors on the internet at the moment, as you can see from any product or vendor review that mentions this company. The company slogan is “leading the consumer to a better life”, and this is an ethos that they follow reliably throughout all of their business practices.

This vendor focuses on selling products that are a blend of different strains of kratom, offering different advantages and effects from just buying a single strain product. Their products can be bought both locally and online, and their prices and quality are both notably good. If you’re not sure about buying from this vendor, though, then this review should help you to make up your mind in one way or another.

Precious Mitre Kratom Strains

Mitragynina speciosa or Kratom leaves with powder product in white ceramic bowl on wood table and blurred nature background

Precious Mitre offers a wide range of different kratom products, and below we’ll go through some of the best and most popular strains and blends and review them and their quality for you so you can get a sense of which strains are the best ones for you to buy for your own particular needs. Let’s take a look at some of them!

White Vietnam Kratom

White Vietnam is one of the best quality white kratom strains available from any vendor. Its effects don’t last for very long, but they start acting very quickly after the user takes the product!

White vietnam is generally well known for giving a great mood boost to users, as well as renewing energy and refreshing. It’s a great choice for a mid day boost to keep you going for a bit longer!

Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Yellow Vietnam kratom is a delicate, mild strain with calming, relaxing effects. It does not create much stimulation or energy at all, and instead calms users and helps to ease anxiety.

This is a very good therapeutic strain for helping with mental health, and for gently soothing jitters and helping to calm the user down and ease the mind rather than giving energy boosts and an uplifting effect.

Green Malay KratomMitragynina speciosa or Kratom powder in wooden bowl on table, chiaroscuro effect

Green Malay Kratom is a very popular strain with a versatile and flexible range of effects entirely based on the dosage the user chooses to take. Be careful when adjusting your dosage, though, as Green Malay can cause side effects such as headaches and dizziness if taken in too high a dose! Do not exceed six grams in a single session.

Trifecta, Green, White, S and V Blend

This is one of the best blend options available from precious mitre, and is made from a combination of S&V and plain leaf strains. It is healthier than many other blends, tastes great, and offers valuable effects.

This is a very sedative blend. It offers a few hours of mood lifting, and an impressive level of sedation after that. This makes it a great quality option for helping users to deal with insomnia, but not one to take early in the day!

Mitre Magic, Green, and White Blend

This is Precious Mitre’s special blend of strains that really stands out. It is a blend of products designed to boost confidence, lift mood, and bring energy and motivation to the user without any sedative effect.

It is not the best choice for users with any sort of anxiety problem, though, as its energy boosting effects can boost anxiety and cause problems. It is a very potent stimulant that can make the user a bit jittery if not handled with care! If you’re looking for energy and a mood boost, though, then this is one of the best strains possible.

Precious Mitre Product Quality

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) green Is a type of drug

All of the kratom products on offer from precious mitre are extremely high quality, no matter whether you’re buying a green strain, a red strain, a yellow strain, a white strain, or a blend of several different strains from this vendor. All of their products are guaranteed to be high quality and completely free from external contaminants and impurities that might lower the quality.

The packaging on offer from this vendor is also very high quality, with a strong seal and efficient shipping. This ensures that your kratom package reaches you in high quality, perfect condition. Overall, the quality and prices of everything on offer from this online vendor is very high, and is rigorously tested at every step of the process to ensure that they are of the highest quality possible. This is better than many other vendor oprions, who charge high prices for low quality products.


All of the prices on offer from this online vendor are pretty good. They are not exactly cheap, as no vendor is able to sell kratom particularly cheap thanks to the huge cost of importing it from south east asia. Relative to other suppliers, however, this vendor offers low prices, particularly for the quality of products that they offer. On average, a kilo of kratom from this vendor will cost you around $70, which is cheaper than almost any other vendor would charge for a similarly high quality product.

Discounts, Coupons and Offers

Precious Mitre often offers coupons and discounts to returning users, which is one of the features that has made this vendor so popular with customers. They also often flash sales that offer a discount of around 20% to all users, which can make an incredible difference to users who want to order larger quantities of kratom from this vendor.

Precious Mitre Shipping and Returns

This kratom vendor offers a range of different shipping offers for users. These include, but are not limited to, a selection of military mails including APO (army post office), FPO (fleet post office) and DPO (diplomatic office) services.

That means that even active duty military personnel can order kratom from this vendor and be sure to receive their order safely. All orders are packed in air tight containers to offer a high level of protection to the products within.

This retailer also offers a returns policy, allowing dissatisfied users to return their products for a refund as long as they are not opened. All returns to Precious Mitre MUST be submitted within 30 days from your initial purchase!

User feedback and Reputation

Precious Mitre kratom is generally very well regarded by users, and has a very good reputation from customers. This is becacuse of a combination of high quality products, affordable prices, reliable delivery, a great returns and exchange policy, and customer service that is responsive and helpful ata ll times.

The variety of products available helped this company to start out well with good reviews, and since then the dedication of their customer service representatives has helped them to reach new heights and stay at the top of their game with regards to their reputation among customers.


This retailer is clearly one of the best kratom vendors on the internet at the moment. The range of blended strains available from them helps them to stand out from the crowd – if you’re looking for a more specific blend of effects than you can get from a single strain of kratom powder, then a blended mix can be exactly what you need.

Overall, we would recommend this kratom vendor to any user, as their products are of the highest quality, their prices are low, and you can trust them to be honest and reliable at all times and in all aspects of their business dealings and customer service.

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