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Despite being known as a relatively reliable and safe substance in many countries, Kratom suffers the same problem as many other therapeutic and recreational drugs or compounds – shady sellers. A poor vendor or bad-quality strain can completely ruin the experience, especially for first-time users, and the deeper you go, the riskier the products become. If people can add unsafe materials to other drugs to pad them out for more money, why can’t they do it for high-quality Kratom, too?

Choosing a good vendor is important not only for your Kratom experience but your personal health. Thankfully, the internet is usually able to shed some light on which vendors you can trust, especially if you go looking at the right forums to get other Kratom users’ personal opinion on their past experiences with a specific vendor or company.

One of these sites is Sacred Kratom, which we will be taking a look at today to judge whether or not they will give you a fair deal.

The Site’s History

Sacred Kratom appears to have been operating for at least two or three years, judging by the established history they have, with quite a few accounts of good, fast service and a wide variety of different products, even from relatively anonymous and unfiltered sites like Reddit. While there have been a handful of posts about Sacred Kratom being a scam, specifically due to the higher prices than some other online sites, these don’t seem to have any solid evidence behind them. According to their address information, the main office is located in Orange County, California.

Product Line

Sacred Kratom’s website, as you might expect, sells a range of different Kratom types in a variety of different forms, from powder to capsules. The full list of the kinds on offer includes:

Some types are available in multiple sub-types, such as White Borneo and Red Borneo, while others are available an in an artificially enhanced form. All of the products shown on the site have their own pages that explain what they are and if/how they are enhanced, with some showing off real pictures of the Kratom powder or extracts so that potential customers can get an idea of what they are buying. A lot of suppliers avoid doing this, especially less reputable ones, so it’s a nice change of pace.

Pricing and Purchasing

Sacred Kratom generally prices its products based on weight, first and foremost, with the cheapest product (standard Bali Kratom powder) ranging from $9.99 to $124.99 depending on how much you buy – in this case, ranging from 1 ounce to 1 pound of powder. More expensive enhanced varieties can reach up to $39.99 for five grams, so their storefront has quite a wide price range to choose from if you’re just looking for any kind of Kratom. If you’re trying to track down a specific type, you might need to be prepared to pay slightly more than you anticipated, however.

Regardless, the prices of most of these strains are relatively average, especially compared to shadier sites that artificially inflate the costs of the items they sell. Unlike a lot of Kratom sites, Sacred Kratom actually has a shopping cart system, meaning that you can make bulk purchases without having to buy each item at once – this also makes it much easier to calculate the total cost of what you are buying, which is especially helpful considering the site generally prices things at $0.99 rather than whole dollars, even packs of multiple Kratom types.

There doesn’t seem to be any currency conversions for regions and countries other than the US, although this is understandable since it is a US-based company. Helpfully, if a product is out of stock, its image has a label over the top to save you having to click on its page first, so you can see whether or not they are carrying a specific type of Kratom with just a glance.

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Shipping and Deliveries

The site’s Shipping page claims that all products are shipped out in the same day they get the order processed, which presumably varies depending on how much you are buying. All domestic orders are shipped out for free if they’re over $100, and they offer to write release statements for any international orders that get picked up by customs or help for indefinite examination as long as they’re given a copy or any seizure letter you’re given.

According to their estimates, most international orders will take 7-14 working days to deliver once they’re processes, and taxes or import charges won’t be included in the displayed purchase price – it’s considered your responsibility to know what these charges will be before ordering any kratom, since you’ll have to cover it yourself.

Not only that, but they will consider any refund requests as a result of a fault on their end. However, since they can’t resell returned products, they’ve actually stated that they prefer not to accept returns where possible, which is understandable but could be seen as slightly worrying to less confident customers. Damaged items and failed deliveries will be replaced or refunded free of charge once they can be confirmed and proven to be real, especially if you never received the item you ordered.

The company takes chargebacks and other types of fraud seriously, and won’t hesitate to get legal assistance if somebody tries to scam them. This makes it almost certain that they’re a completely legitimate business since very few scam sites would be brave enough to willingly expose their business to the legal system.

In a helpful change of pace, the customer can easily cancel their order, as long as it hasn’t shipped yet, by emailing their sales team, rather than being forced to just accept that they’ve ordered it. Obviously, this will be less useful if your order is prepared extremely quickly, but larger purchases with a lot of items can be canceled and amended.

Site Quality and Features

Almost everything about Sacred Kratom’s site looks professional, even down to the consistent quality of the product images used in the shop pages. The inclusion of features like a shopping cart and an accounting system earns a lot of points in its favor since most scam sites are hastily built or copied directly from another side, and quality-of-life-additions like these are broken at best, if not entirely absent. Not only do they work as intended, but they can be used alongside the site’s built-in wishlist to aid with repeat purchase, making it much easier to remember which type of Kratom strain you actually bought during a previous visit.

The site’s blog seems to be updated semi-regularly whenever there’s new information that needs to be shared – although there are only five posts so far, the blog began in December 2018, so it’s clearly not being used to spam content non-stop to draw in more visitors. Each article has been well-researched and isn’t just a marketing pitch or keyword-filled tool, and they actually seem like a great resource for newer Kratom users who aren’t entirely sure where to start.

The general level of quality and accessibility on each page is a nice change from shadier sites, especially since it’s easy to navigate away from product pages – or even avoid them altogether – without being bombarded by advertisements and promotional banners. Nearly every page can be moved to directly through the navigation bar at the top of the site, while things like the user’s account and wishlist can be accessed from the bottom, along with a collection of quick links and technical/legal information.

The reviews section at the bottom of every product can be used anonymously, without needing an account on the company’s site. This is actually a surprising change in the customer’s favor since it means that you could potentially complain about poor service without needing to make yourself identifiable. However, users who are logged into an account that they purchased the product on will get a “verified owner” tag for reviews they leave on it.


Payments are one of the most important parts of an online store, and Sacred Kratom seems to have set up their payment system quite well. It accepts a variety of different card types, as well as the almost-universal PayPal, and it can convert to multiple different currencies without needing to go through an extra loophole or step. These include not only global currencies such as the Euro and US Dollar but more country-specific ones like Francs and Australian Dollars.

Final Judgement

Sacred Kratom seems to be a very legitimate site, especially when you consider that it’s offering quite a limited, curated range of Kratom strains and types rather than selling whatever it can get its hands on. The phrase “quality over quantity” comes to mind here, but thankfully, their products are also surprisingly affordable, and there’s not really anything immediately worrying or unsettling about the way their site had been designed.

It’s clear that a lot of care and attention has gone into their site design, which shows that it wasn’t just a throwaway project to earn them some money – Sacred Kratom is trying to establish a business, and their image is important to them, so they haven’t slipped into using any common marketing tricks or obnoxious pop-up advertisements, and that’s something that I’m sure most visitors can respect in today’s marketing-heavy world.

Obviously, the final decision on whether you want to use Sacred Kratom as a vendor is entirely up to you, but they’re definitely one of the more reputable Kratom vendors on the internet.

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