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Mitragynina speciosa or Kratom

Kratom is an increasingly popular supplement that many people are using. It is relatively easy to find online in many different strains of green, red, or other colors of kratom. The problem is that, as with most herbal supplements, there are many questionable services out there that sell products that are not legitimate.

You can’t just follow any link you find on Reddit posted by a mystery user and expect to find genuine, helpful herbal supplements with no risk! It’s important to know the provenance of any kratom strains that you are buying, and the lowest price is not always the best bet.

The market share occupied by questionable online vendor options is huge, and you need to be careful. With that being said, we should look at Treasure House Botanicals in detail, and see if they are a legitimate online kratom vendor or a dodgy company selling fake herbal supplements over Reddit and other sites.

Who are Treasure House Botanicals?

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Treasure House is a small vendor of herbal supplements based in the USA, with a modest online presence covering a website and a social media presence. They do not command a very large market share as yet, but user satisfaction is high enough that this share is likely to increase over the next few years, in all likelihood. Their customer service is high quality, and many users have been recommending them recently as one of the best kratom vendors on the internet.

The main reason that Treasure House Botanicals is worth talking about, though, is their internet presence and community service behavior. This kratom merchant is more than just an online store, and they have been busy educating the wider community about all aspects of kratom and the herbal supplements market.

They have been introducing the wider community in detail to the advantages and disadvantages of each strain through a handy guide posted on their website, as well as sharing all of the exciting news related to this rapidly developing field. This is a move that goes above and beyond the diligence expected from any kratom selling website, and makes it much easier to recommend this site as a great source of kratom leaf in powder, capsule, and other forms.

Products available

Treasure House Botanical Products

Treasure House Botanicals offers many different varieties of kratom from many different strains, from modern green kratom to more unconventional and difficult to obtain strains. All varieties, including the range of different Maeng Da types in all their different vein colors, are dried carefully in a safe indoor environment, ensuring that they maintain the strongest and most powerful aroma and flavor possible.

Once you have received your kratom from this company, the storage is up to you, but you can rest assured that treasure house botanicals will have looked after your chosen supplements from harvesting to preparation and packing.

This vendor’s selection of botanical options available include the following list of different certified varieties, most of which are available in capsules and powders, allowing every user to buy the ideal form of product for their personal needs.

  • White MD HongKong
  • White Elephant
  • White Banjar
  • Red Malay
  • Red MD
  • Red Elephant
  • Red Banjar
  • Modern Maeng White Da
  • Modern Maeng Red Da
  • Modern Maeng Green Da
  • Green Malay
  • Green Da Maeng
  • Green Elephant
  • Green Bukit
  • Green Banjar

It is worth noting that Treasure House also sell Pitman varieties, a supplement that you may have heard of from reddit or other discussion websites. These Indonesian varieties can be quite difficult to find online, and most users who have been sold Pitman have bought it from this vendor at the moment. It is a high value strain with a rich, dark color and a high density of alkaloid indole compounds.

It is worth noting that this website’s diligence in ensuring that all of their kratom is safe and fully trusted to be of the highest quality extends to their product packing as well as selection of kratom strains.

Every batch is packaged with a clear batch number on the packaging, meaning that with a simple check of the number you can immediately tell exactly how fresh each batch of kratom delivered to you is, allowing you to maintain complete trust in the freshness and reliability of every stage of the process.

Treasure House Prices

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Prices on Kratom and other herbal supplements have been very volatile recently, partly due to the high cost of international shipping and partly due to the changing legality and availability of many different varieties that users like to buy. This vendor, however, tries to stay as transparent as possible about pricing and changes to how much kratom costs, even when they have to adjust prices.

Recently, the prices of kratom products from this website have increased due to an increase in costs from suppliers. This means that the prices for users have also had to increase, to ensure that the vendor does not operate at a loss. Prices start at $11.95 for 100 grams of kratom product, which is generally a great choice for new users who have never tried kratom or banjar at all and are not certain that they will like its effects yet.

There is also a 250 gram option available for $21.95, a fairly solid discount against the 100 gram option. A 500 gram batch used to be available too, but has recently been discontinued. However, discounts are available if you choose to purchase 4 of the 250 gram bundles, even if they are all from different strains and varieties of kratom!

Overall, this business prices kratom fairly, and their openness and honesty about the need to increase prices to avoid operating at a loss is always excellent and generally highly commendable.

Payment at this site is reliably safe and secure, and a wide range of different payment options are supported, ensuring that users can buy kratom through whatever their preferred method may be. That covers all major debit and credit card providers, and the ordering process is secure. You can also pay by e-check or personal check, further increasing your range of options.

After checking out your order, you will be emailed an invoice containing a link to a fully secure payment server, on which you can enter your card details with no need to worry about compromises to your financial security. Just follow the prompts and you’ll finish your order in no time! After that, it’s just a matter of waiting, secure in the knowledge that your kratom will be delivered to you in the near future.

Discount codes

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This vendor does not offer any discount codes as such, but they do offer a generous bulk discount. Any orders over $87 in value are discounted by 5%, a move which generally affects orders of 1 kilo or more. That’s a pretty significant difference on larger orders, putting this vendor ahead of most of the industry competition when it comes to the prices of larger quantities of kratom.

It might not look like much on paper, but when compared to other internet retailers of herbal supplements, this is a surprisingly generous discount that can make a big difference to customers in search of a more affordable source of kratom in larger quantities.


Overall, TreasureHouseBotanicals is a good option for buying kratom on the internet, as it is one of the most reliable vendors out there. In an industry filled with sketchy sites and scams, being able to trust your vendor of choice is important, and this site earns that trust through clear honesty and transparency.

Their kratom is high quality and reliable, and their prices are lower than those of most competing sites, making this an easy site to recommend for anyone looking for a safe, affordable and reliable kratom vendor site.

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