Is Virginia Botanicals Reliable?

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There are many different Kratom vendors available for users to purchase kratom products from on the modern internet, but this new and fast-growing market is not entirely made up of safe and reliable vendors. If you want to ensure that you are buying kratom strains from a reliable and trustworthy online vendor of high-quality kratom, you’re going to need to do a bit of research.

If you ask any kratom user, they can probably tell you about an impressive number of kratom vendors, but keeping them straight can be a difficult experience that takes a great deal of time and effort, spending days poring over the details of various different kratom sites and fda report publications.

Fortunately, we’ve put in the research time and effort so you don’t have to. All you need to do to determine whether Virginia Botanicals kratom is an online kratom company worth trusting is to read our review of this kratom vendor. It might be a relatively new vendor, but many users report a great deal of love for this site. Are they right? Can you trust this vendor? Read our review below to find out more!

What is Virginia Botanicals?

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Virginia Botanicals is a relatively new kratom vendor based in Virginia. It offers a wide range of different products, such as a wide range of kratom strains and blends of organic whole bean coffee. It also stocks a range of alternative herbal medicines, although many of these are not generally seen as effective in any reputable report.

This company holds a relatively small share of the kratom market, as a newer kratom vendor. It has a pretty good reputation and is steadily growing in popularity, according to customer reviews. People love this vendor! It may have only started in 2017, but it has been effectively making waves in the kratom market.

One of the biggest things to note about this vendor is its physical location. Most kratom vendors in the USA are local to California, which is great for anyone who does stuff in California regularly, but no so great for the rest of America.

There are not many kratom outlets located in the Virginia area, and this is the only one that sells other products in addition to Kratom. Users report that these products can attract customers who might not necessarily be interested in kratom itself. This is generally a fairly well received part of the business strategy here.

Virginia Botanicals Kratom products

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Virginia Botanicals might be a relatively new vendor, with not too much history yet, but the amount of kratom and related stuff available from them is impressive, and is making a major contribution to its steadily increasing market share. Customer feedback across the kratom reddit page indicates that users love the range of different products available.

Users report that the strains of kratom available from this retail outlet are potent and effective, offering powerful effects that are highly recommended. While other outlets often sell diluted kratom products that are not particularly effective, virginia botanicals only sells high quality kratom that users are satisfied with.

Most of the kratom strains and blends available are described as having much less of an unpleasant aftertaste than the products of other vendors, and that’s a valuable bonus to take note of.

The range of products available include a wide variety of kratom strains, as well as kava extracts, unwashed poppy seeds, and coffee beans. If you happen to be local to the virginia area, then you can feel free to shop here without worrying at all about the potential embarrassment of being seen in a kratom shop (although that is rapidly reducing these days).

As a newer vendor of kratom strains, virginia botanicals has a smaller library of different varieties to share with customers than other larger and better established businesses. That means that they tend to only have a small number available at a time, but often restock those quickly. If the strain you want isn’t available, then check back in a few weeks, and they might have it in stock!


The cost of kratom products from virginia botanicals is lower than at many competing vendors of kratom and other herbal supplements. This is because the products are sent to you in a more raw form, not as processed as many other vendors choose to sell. That cuts the operating costs of the business a bit, and they pass those savings on to you, the customer!


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Reports from customers indicate that Virginia offers very fast shipping, with kratom orders delivered within an impressively short period of time. That’s usually within one to three business days, although it is important to note that the vendor does not operate during holidays or weekends. That means that orders placed on a Friday won’t be delivered until the middle of the next week.

All orders are delivered within a month, even when shipping internationally. That is a commendable delivery timeframe, as many kratom outlets deliver quite slowly, and can leave you waiting a long time to receive your kratom delivery. Fortunately, this vendor combines affordable prices with reliable shipping, making it an easy business to trust in most scenarios.

Shipping rates are charged at $7.50 for every ounce of kratom purchased. That’s great for customers placing larger orders of a few ounces of kratom at a time, but if you’re only looking to buy a few grams of kratom for personal use, then it can feel quite expensive. This reduces stress and complication, but it is not ideal for placing smaller orders.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer service from Virginia Botanicals is accessible, responsive, and of extremely high quality. It stands out from most other kratom retailers thanks to a highly interactive website with live chat for feedback, questions, and any issues that may arise.

There is also a healthy comment section on the website, allowing customers to comment on their experiences with the business and to interact with one another. Reviews and comments from users are usually more trusted by prospective customers than marketing text from the business itself. That’s generally good news for the growth of the business in future!

Disadvantages of Virginia Botanicals

The kratom market is a relatively new one, but even within that, this is one of the newer vendors in the field. That means that there are a few issues that you might want to be aware of before you make an order with this vendor.

One of the big problems is shipping costs. This is an issue endemic to the entire kratom industry, and many customers of most companies complain about unreasonably high shipping costs. VirginiaBotanicals charges a flat fee in an attempt to balance that out a bit, but this can seem even more painfully expensive for smaller orders.

The biggest problem facing this kratom vendor at the moment, though, is the scale and quality of the competition. The kratom market is a busy and rapidly expanding one, and new vendors often struggle to obtain a decent foothold. Many users prefer to stick to older, more trusted and well proven kratom retailers, and that can hurt new suppliers.

This vendor has done a good job so far, and has not yet had any issues that might cause it to collapse, but it is still a new voice in a large, busy crowd. That might make it struggle to hang on in future, but for now, this looks like a fairly stable and reliable option.

It’s also not one of the options people are talking about very much. If you ask about VB on the popular kratom reddit, then you might have to wait a while in order to get a response. The reviews of it are positive, but there aren’t that many of them, and a lot of people do not even seem to know that this seller exists yet.


Despite being a relatively new kratom seller, VB is putting in the work to establish themselves firmly as a major player. It might not have the huge number of users that some of the older and better established vendors can boast of, but its small user base seems largely to love this brand.

If you don’t already have any loyalty to a pre existing favorite kratom brand, then VB is a great choice that can offer a high quality experience and great products for new users. Overall, we would recommend this retailer, but particularly to users who want to make larger orders, as this will make the shipping less frustratingly expensive.

Keep an eye on reviews of this brand as it grows, as there is still plenty of time for it to make a misstep. So far, though, everything looks good, and it is a solid upstart choice that brings great service to the burgeoning kratom market at reasonable prices, all with great service and an extremely friendly and accessible attitude.

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