Why DG Botanicals Stand Out

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Kratom DG Botanicals are a kratom seller that’s existed for quite a long time, and have slowly built up a reputation for being a great vendor that sells high-quality stains to its customers. Like many vendors, they’re also constantly growing and expanding, bringing in new products and looking to draw in new customers.

Unfortunately, they might have slipped under your radar if you haven’t been looking at every part of the online kratom market – if you need to know why DG botanicals stand out, this short explanation might help you understand where their great brand reputation comes from.

About DG Botanicals

DG has been a major seller of kratom for many years, although it’s not clear exactly how long they have existed as a vendor. Unlike a lot of kratom sites, their website isn’t actually always available (depending on if they have their domain, if they’re upgrading it, etc.), but you can always contact them through their email or across certain social media platforms.

Since their site is inaccessible sometimes, it’s difficult to know some of the specifics behind how they operate outside of their vendor responsibilities: however, there are still some obvious pieces of information that go ignored in many review articles.

The company sells most of its products as powder – it’s the primary way you can get kratom from them, and the most consistent option they’ll offer when stocking new products. They’re packaged very carefully, and clearly put effort into making sure that none of their products are contaminated: even in a review that might highlight other problems, kratom contamination is one that doesn’t seem to ever turn up. Combined with their fast shipping, this makes them a great way to get safe, easy-to-use kratom quickly and efficiently.

Customer service is another important element that the company seems to understand well. Aside from the usual custom service work they do via emails or their own contact methods, they also regularly look at social media posts that mention their name.

They even occasionally post on sites like Reddit, both to advertise themselves and to see what the community thinks of them. If they notice criticism, rather than just shutting it down and trying to hide the problem, they’ll respond to it and try to sort it out or get feedback.


DG Botanicals offers a range of different Kratom products in various different strains. Each of them are sorted out properly and checked to be as pure as possible, but that doesn’t mean that they’re only limited to the strongest, most powerful types available – in face, some of the weaker strains are more popular than the stronger ones, especially for beginners who have never used a product like kratom before. Some notable products include:

Bali X

Bali X is a perfect strain for beginners, combining a high quality with long-lasting packaging that makes it ideal for people who are just getting started. It’s one of DG Botanicals’ most popular products, which means that they always ensure the best possible shipping to make sure that new users can get it on time. In fact, the company has actively tried to choose a shipping service that can deliver their Bali X kratom as fast as possible.

Green Borneo

Green Borneo is another very popular strain that’s also easy for newcomers to try. The pack that they sell is designed to be as accessible as possible without reducing the overall quality of the product inside, which can make it an excellent purchase for average people that aren’t very familiar with different kratom strains and types.

Premium Maeng Da


The Maeng Da is another high quality option, keeping all of the benefits you’d expect from the strain while also benefiting from DG Botanicals’ excellent service. It’s slightly stronger, so it’s better for an experienced user who knows what they want from a vendor.

White Bali

This particular strain is very focused on smells and aromas, which had made it a very well-received product among their user base. All of the ingredients are of the highest possible quality and checked to make sure that the kratom is safe to use, no matter if you’re a new customer or a long-term fan.

Premium Green Thai

This is another of the company’s most popular strains, although it’s not everybody’s preference. Since it’s such a major entry in their product line, DG Botanicals has put a lot of effort into improving its quality and adjusting prices to make it even more appealing.

Red Indo

Red Indo is ordered from DG Botanicals on a regular basis, making it one of the most-re-purchased products they offer. It’s mentioned in quite a few review articles too, and its quality is as good as you would expect.

Red Kali

This strain is well-known by almost every kratom user with some kind of experience using similar products, making it another accessible option. It demonstrated another key point that DG Botanicals have tried to work towards – making their products deliver the effects you expect in a short time, rather than kicking in much later than most people prefer.

Super Green Malay

Green Powder and wooden spoon

Super Green Malay is another top-selling product, and compares well to similar kratom types offered by other online vendors. Like many of their other products, DG Botanicals focused on fast shipping to help it arrive at their customers quickly.

The Customer Experience

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Unlike a lot of kratom vendors that simply try to get their products out as fast as possible, DG Botanicals have tried to make their purchasing process easy to handle, so that anybody can get their products without having to mess around through dozens of online forms and customer service interactions.

Most of their products come in ‘packs’ that contain carefully-measured amounts of your chosen kratom strains, which is already a step above other online vendor sites that simply estimate how much you ordered.

Because of this, their prices are more accurate to how much you’re getting – it’s very rare that you’ll get charged for a certain amount of kratom without actually receiving that much. As a nice touch, the company is also quite active on sites like Reddit or various kratom-user forums, and interacts with customers on a regular basis while also responding to reviews and criticism.

Actually buying the kratom is easy – you can just get it through their shopping cart system on the DG Botanicals website, which is surprisingly smooth and easy to handle. Since they’re very customer-focused, you can expect a lot of positive updates and changes to the site over time, especially if they start to stock a new type of product in the future.

All of the details about their strains are available on the company website, so you can double-check to make sure you’re getting the right kind of kratom (for example, if you want Green Indo, it’s very easy to make sure you aren’t accidentally ordering Red Indo).

What makes DG Botanicals stand out?

There are dozens of vendors out there to choose from, so why should you use DG as your go-to choice for kratom? Well, there are several reasons, but not all of them will appear in the reviews you may have read on the internet.

Delivery Speed

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DG Botanicals are known for their fast deliveries, an excellent quality to have considering that many vendor sites struggle to even deliver within their local area. While this is reflected in their prices, the better service is perfect for people who want their products to arrive on time while also still getting the same great quality they expect from a vendor they like.

To make this even more noticeable, DG has taken measures to make sure that they can handle sudden increases in orders of multiple products, or a single product that everybody seems to want. If there’s suddenly a rise in the number of people ordering a particular item, you won’t need to worry about it going out of stock or losing quality as the company scrambles to fill their orders.

Product Variety

DG offers a wide range of products, many of which are carefully chosen for maximum quality and sold at fair prices. These products will all review differently, especially based on the personal preference of whoever’s writing reviews about them, but it means that you can always simply pick something else if a particular product doesn’t work for you.

Kratom is a tricky thing to understand, after all. Sometimes the mood you’re in can affect the quality of the product and the experience you’ll get from it, which isn’t the fault of the vendor. Since the vendor actively looks for reviews and responds to anything that points out quality problems, they’ll be able to respond to issues that have been mentioned in any negative reviews and try to improve their services.

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